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Bronx Limousine Service & Party Bus

Bronx Limousine Service

Book your Bronx Limousine Service from us to obtain 1 hour FREE. With the recent trend, the uses of limousine during events are slowly becoming an essential part of having a great trip experience and one of life’s necessities. Get this clear, you may not necessarily have one, but you can have the same fantastic experience when you hire from a reliable limousine service provider. Also, remember that there are several events in one’s life that necessarily demands the use of a limo, and not just any type of limousine can fit that special event or occasion. For instance, wedding party, night outs, proms, etc.

Bronx Limousine Service

As discussed, wine tour, proms, special occasions, wedding programs call for these type of vehicles, and that is the more reason why you need to hire the service of an experienced limo service provider, A perfect fit for you is Bronx limousine service. They give you an ideal match that turns your event into one in a million experiences.

Limousines come in different shapes and patterns these days, and ensuring that you go for the one that suitably fit into your occasion will be a perfect idea. For instance, stretch limousines are currently one of the most popular and trendy limos. All these world-class limousines you need are available for hire at Bronx limousine service. A perfect fit is Bronx limousine service, and they have their fleet of limousines to make your event remarkable.

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Anyways, the use of limousine was known to be popularly used by those who are going to an event or in most cases celebrate a special event. A good example is a wedding.  Husband and wife to be usually rent a limousine service mainly to give the bride, groom and other few people who are part of the wedding event a grand style limousine ride either to the church, reception or their hotels after the wedding.

As far as wedding limo is concerned, the most popular wedding limousine used is white. Therefore, if you wish to have your wedding event from the church to the reception and from the reception to a hotel for your honeymoon in a grand style, yet very affordable, then Bronx limousine service is your perfect choice in making every bit of your events a remarkable.

Another fantastic reason why you need to hire your limousine service from Bronx limousine service is the fact that they offer their services just as the cost of a cab, and gives you the opportunity to choose the type of car you want to be picked up with. So if you’re going to have a heartbreaking and showy limo experience for your wedding, night out parties, get together fun with friends and families without necessarily having to spend your life savings, then hiring Bronx limousine service will make all your dreams come true.

There are several places that you can find so comfortable to go for a trip with your friends, loved ones or with your partner. As soon as you hire your limo from Bronx limousine service, all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your trip with your crew.

For some people who love going to local nightspots and concerts, renting a limo will result in great advantage when planning these places. So if you wish to go out at night with your gang or group of friends, getting a limousine from Bronx limousine service is really a perfect idea.

Bronx Limousine Service and Party Bus Rental– Lowest Price Guarantee

Bronx Party Bus Services

It is good always to understand that the use of limousines is not only limited to weddings and night outs, even for birthdays, graduations, a get together with your loved ones and a trip with your family and the likes, you can also hire a limousine. The most reliable limousine service that can give get you covered at all time for this elegant service is Bronx limousine service from LI Party Rides Limousine Service.

Also, you need always to understand that renting or hiring a limousine for your event or special occasion can always be done at a low cost; you can decide to ride a limo in whatever occasion, reason or purpose. In short, you can always ride your limousine in style and make every minute of your event count with us at Bronx limousine service.

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Bronx Party Bus Services

Hiring a limousine service from Bronx limousine service will give you the best experience most especially if you want to go places where you have never been before. So, if you plan to go placed where you haven’t seen before with your friends and family, or places where you can relax and have fun, then, Bronx limousine service will make your experience comfortable. The reason is if you visit a city that you’ve never been before or you’re unfamiliar with, there’s a likelihood that you may be having difficulties in getting a comfortable cab to ride in to take you to hotels or restaurants you wanted to be. Apart from the fact that you’ll get the best driving experience from Bronx limousine service, their services are simply comfortable, and affordable, they have a fleet of limos that are world-class limos making your experience with them a top-notch.

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Our Mission

Our Bronx Party Limos are the perfect “party machines” for adult, children’s Bronx parties or limo transfers to and from restaurants, theme parks, clubs, or other birthday party location in the Long Island areas. Choose from any of our limos (Infiniti QX 80 Limo, Cadillac Escalade ESV Limousine, or Limo Coach Party Bus) and see that LI Party Rides will have you starting the party in any one of our exotic stretch and super stretch party limousines! Clients choosing LI Party Rides for their Bronx Limo Service should expect:

  • The chauffeur will arrive on time & Call 30 minutes before arrival.
  • The chauffeur will know the event/venue address
  • Each Vehicle will be clean and make sure it safe to board.
  • Each Vehicle will have AC or Heater fully functional.

Bronx Party Limousine & Party Bus Service - Long Island & NYC

In all, hiring the service of a reliable limousine service will be the best ideal to give you a comfortable experience most especially when you’re visiting unfamiliar places.

You don’t have to hassle in getting comfortable cabs, in looking for a particular direction, in visiting places that you’re not familiar with since Bronx limousine service drivers are always on available to make your traveling experience a hectic free and take you to places you’ve ever desire you go. Their years of experience, the quality of their services and their professionally skilled drivers make them the best in the industry.

So you can comfortably sit back and relax while seeing Bronx limousine service drivers taking you to places and making your trip fantastic.



With their service, you can enjoy your limousine experience at night, and not to worry about how risky it could be to drink and drive in the night. Since there are beautiful limos that will comfortably take you home afterward. All you need do is just to let one of Bronx limousine service drivers know the exact time that he’ll pick you up, and you’ll be surprised at their services, and how they will drive you home without any faults.

And renting a limousine from Bronx limousine service can make your experience of arriving at your destination in a limo a fun, isn’t that really fantastic!

Indeed, getting a reliable limo service can give you a whole lot of advantage. At Bronx limousine service, you get your service at discounted rates and lots of special offers. All you have to do is to visit them online or give them a call, and you’ll definitely get lots of services that suits your budget and your needs.