NYC & Long Island Prom 2018:Trends Must Have

April 2, 2018 By Prom Comments Off

NYC, New York – Prom dress season is on the horizon, and it’s never too early to start assembling the perfect ensemble for the big night. Today’s styles are limitless, and that’s all the more reason for you to want a little inspiration when choosing your look. Whether your style is more timeless or more trendy, we look back on some of the most iconic fashions of 2017, and look forward to what we’ll see lighting up the dance floor this year.

The moody romantic look is in full force with dark lips and even darker shades of dresses. Black and magenta are accented with pops of pink, ivory and peach. This plays right into the ’90s revival of velvet, which lends itself to dark shades. We saw it emerging last year, and predict it’ll be right on time for this year’s dress season.

That interplay of light and dark fits perfectly with the continuation of floral looks. Last year, we saw plenty of bold prints against solid backgrounds – especially black, white, blue and red – and we expect to see that again. These styles were particularly popular with floor-length ensembles, especially two-pieces that broke up the patterns and kept it from overwhelming the overall look.

Two-pieces will again add unique twists to prom styles, a ‘choose-your-own’ look that offers more versatility. Solid colors create sleek, sophisticated silhouettes, while patterned two-pieces give off a more playful look.

As an alternative to two pieces, cut-out styles will also let fabrics mix and mingle for more creative touches.

While twists on enduring styles will always have their place in prom, there’s no better time to expect glammed-up looks that break the mold. Janelle Monae has taken the pantsuit to new heights on the red carpet, and model Emily Ratajkowski was recently trending across Twitter for her surprise wedding where she wore a perfectly tailored, belted mustard suit.

Whimsical, glittering metallics and decadent gold will give modern flair to classic looks. Fringe-filled silver, for example, gives a ’20 Gatsby look, which dominated prom themes last year.

It doesn’t have to be over-the-top –┬ámore simple, chic dresses in these sheens can capture last year’s pastel princess trend with a subtle sophistication. Those blush looks will return, and we look forward to seeing them with even more shine this time around.

And, of course, it always comes down to the details. We expect to see more alternative cuts, like low backs and off-the-shoulder styles. Intricate lace and embroidery will continue to steal the show, even on the most traditional dresses.