Wine Tour Limousine or Wine Tour Luxury Bus

The relationships with the Wineries makes the difference when it comes to providing a Wine Tour Limousine or Luxury Bus experience.  LI Party Rides has partnered with many of the finest Wineries on Long Island to provide an exceptional experience for our customers.  We can arrange trips to specific Wineries or create a custom schedule for you.  Lunch – no problem, we provide all the necessary arrangements based on the number of people in your party, budget and tastes.  Contact Us Today and experience one of the exclusive treasures Long Island has to offer.

Exceptional Vehicles – Professional Drivers  

Our Recommended Wine Tour Limousines and Luxury Buses

Double Axle Hummer

Perfect for a lively group of friends and family.  Fits up to 20 people.  Multiple doors for easy entry and exit. 

F650 Party Bus

Keep the wine and Party flowing in this Party Bus that seats up to 35 people.  10,000 Watt Stereo, LED Lighting, Smoke Machine and 50 inch TV. 

Wine Tour Coach Bus

Take up to 60 of your friends and hit the Wineries.  Restroom on board for your comfort.  Bar Area, TV’s and Group or Individual Seating Arrangements. 

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Our Recommended Wine Tour Limousines and Luxury Buses

It starts with a desire to learn and appreciate fine wines, great vehicles and great food.  Long Island Wine Country is an amazing experience.  The Long Island Wineries have a saying that this is where the “ART OF THE EARTH MEETS THE CRAFT OF THE PEOPLE”.  As says, “A visit to the East End demonstrates the close, seasonal connection between land and table as wonderful local products are picked, harvested or produced daily and displayed at the height of ripeness, perfectly complimenting our wines”. 

Planning Your Wine Tour Itinerary

The first step is to determine your goals for your wine tour:  is it and intimate experience with a couple of friends or a loved one? A family experience or perhaps a large group?  The wineries on the east end of long island each have their distinctive characteristics that make them ideally suited for the type of experience you are looking for.

These are some of the first questions we will ask you at LI Party Rides.  We are experts at understanding your needs and the experience you are seeking.  We will arrange the right limousine or luxury bus and assist you in customizing an itinerary that will meet your needs; Intimate, Family or a Group excursion.   We will make all the arrangements from the pickup, dropoff, wineries and any food choices you may want for a lunch or snack along the way.  All of our vehicles are equipped with a bar area that can hold drinks, ice, glassware and silverware.  You will be able to travel in comfort and relax knowing that professional drivers are providing a sherpa type of service for your endeavor.

Contact Us Today to begin your LI Party Rides Wine Tour Experience.

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