Can I hire a limo during quarantine?

Things certainly are interesting as we hover around the three-month mark of quarantine. Lives have been changed, some forever with the upheaval in the economy. And while New York has been shut down in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus, there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

As New York begins the process of reopening, slowly, we have hope. New York City has optimistically suggested that restrictions will be eased in June, we have even more hope.

The calls we get and the questions generally revolve around the question if one can hire a limo during the quarantine.

The answer is a tentative, yes. Now, understand that many establishments are closed, casinos are closed. Like you, we can’t wait to visit our favorite restaurants and see a show. But that sort of thing will have to wait.

If you are running out of ideas for things to do while in quarantine, perhaps our limo service is an option for you.

As reopening gets underway, sightseeing from the car might be an option

Thousands of tourist attractions will remain closed for some time, and when they open, it will be under strict regulations.

But there is something we know, and love about Long Island and New York City. You can still enjoy the sights from the comfort of a car, or limo, or party bus.

Sure, we are limited where we can go, and getting out and actually going inside a tourist attraction probably is a way off. But think about the splendor of the city as you are chauffeured around by your own private transportation service.

For the cost of a few hours of limo rental time, you can get a pristine drive-by view of many areas of the city.

Or consider a daytime drive around Long Island, viewing the countryside and immeasurably beautiful of the peaceful natural surroundings.

So, give it some thought. If we can work within limitations, a cruise around the city or the country just might be what you need to relieve some of the stress of quarantine.

Why else might I hire a limo during quarantine?

You might be surprised to learn that people are still planning their weddings despite the coronavirus lockdown.

These people realize that this too will pass and when it does they’d like to have their wedding go on as normal. A large part of a wedding is the wedding transportation.

Brides and grooms are calling us and booking their weddings for late 2020 and through 2021. If you are planning on getting married after the quarantine is lifted and the reopening is complete, now is a great time to start working on getting your wedding limo booked.

Limo service to and from airports during the quarantine

Some airlines are still flying in a limited capacity. But this means that airports are open. If you need transportation from or to any airport, we are available for you.

The reality is, the situation continues to be fluid and things change daily. Our priority is your safety, health, and comfort. There are still options for you to take a limo during quarantine, even if they are different than before.

Interested in learning your options? Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss.