NYC Prom Limousine

NYC Prom Limousine Rental

Now that the New Year is here many High School students now look forward to the special events that will be taking place. Many high school seniors begin preparing for all of the excitement that goes along with being a senior.  One of the special time is High School Prom. Planning for a prom can be very stressful because you want to make sure that you have the very best for the fun filled night.

Prom Preparation

Although there is a lot of things that have to be planned for the night you can make things less stressful by getting a head start. When planning for prom the last thing that you want to deal with is having to do anything at the last minute. With so many people planning for prom waiting to long to plan can result in having to settle for something that you don’t really like. One of the important things that you can get started on is finding the perfect prom tuxedo or dress. You can also get started on finding out how many people are going to be in your Prom Party.

When you find out your prom party size you can then find your NYC Prom Limousine. The great thing about an NYC Prom Limousine is that there are different styles for all party sizes. Prom time is a very busy season for booking a limousine so get started on booking your NYC Prom Limousine as soon as possible.

Double Axel Cadillac Escalade

Prom Limo- NYC Prom Limousine

LI Party Rides is one of the premier NYC limousine and party bus providers. At Li Party Rides we strive to make sure you have the best rental experience no matter what the event is. We have one of the largest limousine and party bus fleets around, to cater to any event. All of our limousines and party buses are regularly serviced and inspected to ensure safe and reliable rental service. Make your prom memorable with an NYC Prom Limousine from LI Party Rides.

NY New Years Limousine

NY New Years Limousine

With all of the Christmas shipping and preparation out of the way we now put our attention to the New Year. 2018 will be here before we know it, so get prepared to ring in the New Year. With just 4 days to go before the big celebration, it is not too late to plan how you are going to celebrate. There are many thing that you can do where it is going out to the city, staying local or heading on a bar crawl. With so many options, one thing is for sure, you do not want to have to worry about driving. This year get all your friends together and let us take you to where you have to go in a NY New Years Limousine .

New Years Eve is all about having a good time and letting go of the previous year. Although you want to have fun for the nigh, one of the most important things is safety. By choosing a NY New Years Limousine you don’t have to worry about finding a designated driver. Let us do all the worrying when it comes to transportation, while you focus on having a great New Year’s Eve. With many years of experience in the industry we are prepared to make sure you receive top notch service. We will make sure that you safely get to and from your New years celebration.

Limo Service- NY New Years Limousine

New Year Eve Limousine Service

Li Party Rides has been providing Long Island and NYC with Limousine and Party Bus Service for all your party needs. Whatever the service whether it’s a birthday, prom, wedding or any other occasion, we are here for you. We offer a large fleet which includes some of the newest models. Make your next celebration one to remember with a limousine or party bus from Li Party Rides.

There’s a Tesla Model S Limo for Sale on eBay

Tesla Model S- Limousine

If you’re trying to make your next Long Island or New York event really environmentally friendly Tesla Model S , and have no problem turning a wrench to finish a project, LI Party Rides has found a good transportation ride to fit your needs. On eBay, a Tesla Model S project has been spotted, but with a twist. This particular car has begun to make a new life not as a luxury electric sedan, but as a luxury electric limousine.

Tesla Model S Limo Big Limos Company based  out of Cost Mesa California started this 2015 Tesla Model S 85 as a project and not Ebay is the hub for bidders.  This Limousine only has 150 miles on the clock, the car hasn’t even driven enough to discharge a battery completely, making it one of the lowest mileage “used” Tesla Model S we’ve seen up for sale. Big Limos even claims it to be the “first Tesla Model S 85 Limo.”

Like we said its a project, the buyer still has a little bit of work to do before the car is complete. The auction states that the Tesla conversion is the outcome of a “successful advertising project” and is about 90 percent finished. However, there isn’t detail about what is left to complete the conversion. Any Limousine that Stretching the car would mean re-fitting the battery pack once the vehicle is elongated. Big Limos does offer to finish the car for an additional fee.When you talk battery packs, first thing to come to mind is weight.

With the conversion comes extra weight. The total weight of the Limousine is currently unknown. It is important to note that with added pounds comes decreased range. Tesla worked very hard to scale down the weight of the Model S, even manufacturing the chassis out of aluminum to make the 5,000-pound monster weigh just a little less.

We hope this Tesla Model S  made your Xmas wish list for 2017.



New Years Eve Limo

NYC New Year’s Eve Parties– New Years Eve Limo

Miami's Ten Best New Year's Eve 2018 Parties

With Christmas coming up this also means the end of the year is right around the corner. We get to say goodbye to 2017 and bring in 2018. There are some many options when it comes to ringing in the New Year. Many people decide to have a party at home and watch the countdown to the New Year. Others choose to party the night away at some of the top New York City party destinations. Every New Year’s Eve there are so many things going on all around the City, as people from all over come together and count down.

Ring in 2018 at one of the many top NYC party destinations hosting New Year’s Eve celebrations. With so much going on I can be hard to pick which place to go to. Take a look below for some of the top NYC New Year’s Eve parties.

  • Times Square- If you don’t mind braving the weather you can head to Times Square and watch the New Year’s ball drop in person. It is a different experience when you are in the packed crowd in Times Square.
  • 1 Oak- If you are looking to party and dance head to 1 Oak. The illustrious 1 Oak is known for throwing some of the best parties in the city. Get your tickets today and enjoy 4 hours of open bar.
  • Avalon Yacht- You can also choose to take in the views of the city as you celebrate New Year’s Eve on a party yacht. With a wide variety of DJs playing a variety of music to keep you partying into the New Year.
  • Copacabana- One of the top night clubs in the city, Copacabana is always a hit on the weekend. New Year’s Eve is even more special than any other weekend. This club offers a great atmosphere to dance and have a great night with your friends.

New Years Eve Limo Service

Although New Year’s Eve is an exciting time, it can be very difficult getting to and from the City. If you want to avoid the traffic and crowded public transportation then go in a New Years Eve Limousine from LI Party Rides. When you choose to use one of our New Years Eve Limo you don’t have to worry about stopping the party. Our Limousine and Party Bus Fleet come equipped with the latest in limousine technology to offer the best Limousine service experience. When it comes to providing service, we aim to make sure that whatever the occasion you receive the highest level of customer service. Choose Li Party Rides for safe New Years Eve Limo transportation service.

Christmas Limousine- NYC Light Displays

Christmas Limousine- NYC Holiday Displays

When it comes to enjoying the holiday season New York City is the place to be. You can take in all of the wonderful sight that the City has to offer. During the Christmas season there are many light decorations that you have to see. Heading out to the city can be very stressful with the large amounts of people that take the train or bus. Why deal with crowded trains or buses when you can travel in a Luxury NY Christmas Limousine.

If you are looking to have a great time with your family this holiday season, why not head to New York City. You can do some last minute shopping or just enjoy a nice night out on the town. What makes this time of year special is how NYC transforms with holiday decorations and light displays. Below are some of the top rated holiday light displays to visit this year.

  1. Rockefeller Center- Many people take the journey to Rockefeller Center to look at the Christmas tree and do some ice skating. Whether you are from the area or visiting from out of town this is a must visit destination.
  2. Winter Village at Bryant Park. If you are looking to have some fun with the family head to Bryant Park. You can take a look at the decorations and lights that surround the park, do some shopping, ice skating or grab some food. They also have holiday activities to do for kids.
  3. Saks Fifth Avenue- One of the can’t miss destinations during an NYC Light tour is Saks Fifth Avenue. Every year Saks puts up different window displays for the holiday. Take a walk along and enjoy the different stories that each window has to tell.

Christmas Limousine NYC

If you are looking to have a fun and relaxing night out this holiday choose a NYC Christmas Limousine. Li Party Rides has been providing our clients with the absolute best limousine service for all occasions including Christmas Limousines Service. We offer a large Fleet of Limousines and party buses that cater to all party sizes. Let us help make your Christmas Limousine rental experience a time that you will remember.

Mercedes Benz S550 Stretch

Upgrade for Putin’s cortege?

Puttin’s VIP car from Russia’s mystery “Cortege” project has been capture on camera in a rare first view outside Moscow. The video caught the camouflage-draped vehicle, from a series designed for the Russian President and top officials, was spotted during a test drive just outside of Moscow.

Th drivers side door was was draped in black-and-white camouflage covering, was driving at a moderate speed while performing sharp turns around a driving track in the Moscow region, at the scientific and motor research center NAMI which is in charge of the project.

Test Driving the Cortege

The test drive involved checking the car’s engine, transmission and electronics. The car is a hybrid combining a gas engine and an electric engine. The design of the cars being developed by the “Cortege” project had been kept secret, but information leaks gave some clues as to their appearances.

Trump1988 Cadillac Edition Limo Is for Sale on Craigslist

If you have heard or seen Donald Trump’s many business ventures—Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump University—but in addition to those and long before his Presidential aspirations, Trump also worked with 1988 Cadillac to produce a line of limousines with his name on them–the Trump Executive Series and Trump Golden Series. Now, you it is on sale on the web.

Cadillac and Dillinger Coachworks, teamed up with Donald Trump to design the most luxurious limousines ever made. Trump allegedly agreed to buy 50 of these cars. But in a move that comes as a complete surprise to everyone, Trump changed his mind, buying only one for his father and cancelling the remaining 49.

According to Car & Driver, one car is known to be in Britain, pictured on the FleetOfCads website with modifications such as amber turn signals and different headlights to make it legal on U.K. roads. Another has inexplicably resurfaced on Boston Craigslist.
From the photos, this car appears to be the genuine article and a Golden Series at that. It lacks the modifications for European roads and wears a license plate not from Britain, but ironically from the liberal stronghold of Massachusetts. Car & Driver reported in January that the Executive Series car was for sale in New England, yet the extensive use of gold trim throughout this car identify it as a Golden Series. The photos show the car’s unique high roof, Cadillac-Trump badging, Perm-A-Pub bar, and a 1988 cell phone.

XL-300 is Like a Stretched-Limo Superyacht

Limousine in the Sea
Not all Limo transportation have to be on land. The new Fast Displacement XL-300 at completion will be 20 percent longer than other yachts in its class

Fast Displacement XL-300

When two great minds come together 156-foot concept called the Fast Displacement XL-300 is born.Van Oossanen Naval Architecture has collaborated with Italian designer Federico Fiorentino on a new 156-foot concept called the Fast Displacement XL-300. This new sea limo monsters pairs Van Oosanen’s patented FDHF (Fast Displacement Hull Form) with an exterior by Milan-based Fiorentino to create a yacht that is 20-percent longer than other yachts in its class. The XL-300 was design for for Ocean Independence for the U.S. yachting market which provides30-knot top speed and double-digit increase in interior volume.

“Our new XL series offers maximum length, superior comfort and the highest performance,” says Perry van Oossanen. “It gives the possibility to create the longest yachts ever within the 200-, 300-, or 500-gross-ton boundaries.” Van Oossanen says that 20 percent extra hull length will provide 10 percent more interior space, along with a noteworthy 30-percent to 40-percent increase in exterior deck space. Think swimming pools, helipads, and extra social areas, along with an exponential increase in comfort levels in a much smaller hull.

5 Hottest Restaurants in Manhattan Right Now, August 2017

Tourist and New Yorks always get asked one question more than any other: Where should I eat right now? NYC dining fans want to know what’s new, what’s hot, and what is going to be the next big hit in the greatest dining spot in New York City. So here you have it,  LI Party Rides has gather the info and provided you with a a guide to the hottest restaurants in Manhattan. To make your Dinner date night a better, book one of our limousine or sedan to and arrive on time.  We are NYC Top Limousine & Party Bus Provider.

Added in August: Mifune, Old Monk, The Pool, Sen Sakana

Dropped in August: The Campbell, Daily Provisions, Motel Morris, Tim Ho Wan


1-Public Kitchen-215 Chrystie St New York, NY 10002

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s latest opening paired itself with the opening of Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel, a hospitality concept touted “for all.” JGV’s Public Kitchen sits on the ground floor of the impeccably designed hotel, in a 150-seat space offset by a plant-drenched patio. On the menu are dishes like a truffle pizza, rigatoni with basil-pistachio pesto, and smoked short rib with corn and potato salad. Not that a JG restaurant needs the help, but it’s surely sitting pretty inside what is New York’s hottest hotel, and a favorite for the fashion-minded.

This place is perfect for a romantic dinner with friends or that special someone. LI Party Rides Strives to make your Dinner date special and  night one of the best. Our driver will arrive on time and make sure you arrive safely.

2-Emily West Village- 35 Downing St New York, NY 10014

Brooklyn restaurateurs Emily and Matt Hyland have opened in the West Village to turn their popular pizza restaurant bi-borough. The new location brings new combinations of New York and New Haven pizza styles, as well as the Detroit-style grandma pies their fans have come to line up for. The digs are slightly bigger in Manhattan, and decorated with art from employees and Clinton Hill regulars. Like Emily Brooklyn, the vibe is fun and familial.

This restaurant is a great place for lunch and dinners. Make sure to call ahead of time to reserve your table. Out staff and Emily West have a package which includes transportation and dinner for a low price. Make sure to call us for your limo or sedan booking.

3 Atla372 Lafayette StNew York, NY 10012

Enrique Olvera brings his familiar Mexican fare to a casual Noho space with his freshly minted Atla. The esteemed chef has brought along Cosme’s Daniela Soto-Innes, who (along with Olvera), wants Atla to be an everyday, neighborhood restaurant, and a place for fans of Olvera’s to enjoy his food at a more moderate price. The duo worked together to create healthy, vegetable-leaning dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are “lighter” than dishes found at Olvera’s other restaurants. Options like an egg white omelette with zucchini, a mushroom quesadilla, and chia oatmeal grace the breakfast menu (served from 8:30 until 11:30), while lunch and dinner options include quail egg meatballs, steak tartare, and quinoa with pico de gallo. Atla also offers an extensive non-alcoholic drink menu, including cafe con leche, a toasted sesame horchata, and passionfruit juice.

4 Sushi Katsuei- 357 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10014

The popular Brooklyn sushi spot crossed the East River in April, bringing very affordable sushi to the West Village. The 10-seat bar and 26-seat dining room is offering three omakase options, all priced under $100. There’s a $57 sushi omakase with nine pieces of nigiri and a toro scallion hand roll; an $87 sashimi and sushi omakase with five kinds of sashimi, eight pieces of nigiri, and a toro scallion hand roll; and a $24 lunch omakase with six pieces of sushi. Drinks here are sake, beer, and sparkling wine.

5 Hà Nội House-

119 Saint Marks Pl
New York, NY 10009
(212) 995-5010

Starr restaurant alums Sara Leveen and Ben Lowell teamed up to open this Vietnamese spot in the East Village. The St. Mark’s Place restaurant offers seating for about 40 at small, scattered tables within the restaurant’s tropical-leaning space. The crux of the menu is pho, a beef noodle soup that originated in small towns southwest of Hanoi. Soup and stew options on the menu include Hanoi-style beef pho ($13), which comes with brisket and rice noodles; clams and congee ($18); and a braised brisket stew with lemongrass ($20). Robert Sietsema notes that the broth at Hanoi House is dark, delicious, and “purely beefy.”

Prom Party Buses and Limousines

Prom Limousine for you and your friends!

When one door closes, another one opens . . .

Prom night is a very memorable night that everyone looks forward to. The kids are excited to get all dressed up in their beautiful gowns with all the bling, getting their hair and nails done, the sharp tuxedos and partying all night long. Of course after all that you have to arrive in style to the prom in a Prom Limo or Prom Party Bus . The parents are excited for prom night because it is the ending of their child’s senior year and the beginning of their next chapter in their life. With so many emotions running that day it is so important to make sure everything goes perfectly. There is no better reason than to rent a SUV Limousine or Prom Party Bus NYC to start the party early!

Prom Party Bus or Prom Limousine

What will you be stepping out of when you arrive. .

To celebrate this special event you should consider contacting LI Party Rides for our very affordable Party Bus NYC and Limousine Services NYC. There are many factors to consider when you are renting a limousine or party bus rental. All party bus pricing is different. The party bus price and limousine rental will vary depending on how many people you will have. We have several different size party buses and VIP limos to accommodate your party. Each customized vehicle has different features to make your night more enjoyable and a memorable experience. Visit our fleet page for full descriptions. A Limousine or Party Bus rental with us will be the most unique experience you will have.

Prom Party Bus

What Important things you should know before you step in . . .

After you have received all of your limo prices or party bus prices call to schedule an appointment. Don’t just go with the first cheap limo service price you receive. Make sure the limo company that you decide to book with is licensed and insured. In order to book a nyc party bus or vip limo you will need a parent or guardian to come in with you. You will need to sign a contract and go over all of the rules and regulations. To reserve the nyc limousine or nyc party bus a deposit is required. This deposit is non-refundable should you cancel. Most schools have their proms on the same days so be sure to plan ahead. Start planning at least 4 months in advance. Figure out exactly how many people you will have and where everyone is meeting and being dropped off. Also where you are going for the after party and if anyone wants a particular color or style SUV or Exotic Limousine or Party Bus. Otherwise, they get what they get and they don’t get upset!

 NYC Prom Limo

All those lights and music to dance to, but not just in our Party Buses . . .

There are a lot of things to do after the prom is over. Decide with all of your friends where you will be going. Into the city to go to some clubs, a show, maybe a cruise or just driving around. See our after prom nightlife for some ideas. Prom night is all about having fun but proper safety is very important. View our prom page for some safe guidelines to consider.

Why a Prom Limo is the safest decision

LI Party Rides puts your safety first above anything else. We take drinking and driving very seriously. Our staff is the most well trained, experienced and courteous drivers in the limo rental business. This is one of the most memorable events in your life. Contact us at LI Party Rides to get more information on our NYC Limousines and NYC Party Bus Rentals. Call Today! 516-376-2244 or 516-784-8624.


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