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Prom Tips for Guys- Prom Limo Rental

There are many memories that students make over the years. You will always remember the great friends and teachers that you have. One of the experiences that you will always cherish is your high school prom. Get all of your friends together rent your dream prom limousine to get you to the big dance. Many people think that getting ready is easy for guys. However this can be just as stressful for guys. In order to make this nice easier for you below are some helpful prom tips for guys.

Prom Preparation Tips For Guys

We want to make sure that you have a stress free prom. Take a look at some helpful tips to help you prepare for prom. For many high school students’ prom is one of the first formal dinners and dances. That being said it can be hard to know where to start.

Prom Limo Rental

  1. Save early- if you are planning on paying for prom on your own it is good to save early. The expenses can add u fast. You have to find a tuxedo, prom limo rental, and pay other small things.
  2. Figure out your date- it is good to ask your prom date no later than a month in advance. Whether you plan something special or just ask a friend be a gentleman even if you are asking your steady girlfriend.
  3. Shop Early-If you are planning to rent a tux it is great to look early. With prom being a busy time it can be hard to find the right tux at the last minute.
  4. Plan After Prom- Come up with a plan with your friends for what you plan on doing after prom. This will give you time to tell the prom limo rental company where to go on the night of.

Prom Limo Rental Service

Your prom night is a special time for you and your friends. This is a night that you want the very best. Choose safe and reliable prom limo service to get you to the big dance. At Li Party Rides we take the time to get you the very best on any budget. We have a large fleet that contains large and small size prom limos and prom party buses. We take great pride in providing limousine service for all events.

Her Prom Date Was handcuffed in the back seat

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Ever thought of making a grand entrance to your Prom Night? Having a Luxury limousine or party bus is part of it and could do the trick, however this  Kansas high school students arrived to their high school prom with lights and music — not sirens — thanks to help from the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office.

The couple rode in a sheriff’s car to Madison High School for thier prom night — with the boyfrriend handcuffed in the backseat.

“Jokingly I said to my mom, ‘I wonder if he’d (Deputy Dave Oehm) let me handcuff my boyfriend and put him in the back,’ ” Berndt said in a Facebook message. “My mom took it seriously and said ‘yes!! Do that! It would be hilarious’ … so then I Facebook messaged Officer Oehm to see if he thought it was a good idea … it took a little bit of planning, but I think it turned out great! I was worried no one would find it as funny as I did.”

Daniel Huber and his girlfriend Alexis Berndt, rode in a sheriff's car to Madison High School

The couple has had a “cop theme” throughout the entire prom season, Huber’s mom, Michelle, posted on Facebook.

Huber had asked Berndt to prom by having a deputy pull her over. Huber then presented a sign that read, “Can I cop you into going to prom?”

The inspiration for a police-themed prom came from the school’s positive relationship with the Sheriff’s Office, Berndt said.

“While discussing different ideas of cars that I should drive to prom, I thought of Officer Oehm,” she said. “Knowing his fun personality, I figured he would be open to the thought of taking my date and I to prom along with his (police) dog Karma.”

Police dog Karma also got to have some prom fun, visiting with students as they boarded the bus for the after-prom event.

NYC & Long Island Prom 2018:Trends Must Have

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NYC, New York – Prom dress season is on the horizon, and it’s never too early to start assembling the perfect ensemble for the big night. Today’s styles are limitless, and that’s all the more reason for you to want a little inspiration when choosing your look. Whether your style is more timeless or more trendy, we look back on some of the most iconic fashions of 2017, and look forward to what we’ll see lighting up the dance floor this year.

The moody romantic look is in full force with dark lips and even darker shades of dresses. Black and magenta are accented with pops of pink, ivory and peach. This plays right into the ’90s revival of velvet, which lends itself to dark shades. We saw it emerging last year, and predict it’ll be right on time for this year’s dress season.

That interplay of light and dark fits perfectly with the continuation of floral looks. Last year, we saw plenty of bold prints against solid backgrounds – especially black, white, blue and red – and we expect to see that again. These styles were particularly popular with floor-length ensembles, especially two-pieces that broke up the patterns and kept it from overwhelming the overall look.

Two-pieces will again add unique twists to prom styles, a ‘choose-your-own’ look that offers more versatility. Solid colors create sleek, sophisticated silhouettes, while patterned two-pieces give off a more playful look.

As an alternative to two pieces, cut-out styles will also let fabrics mix and mingle for more creative touches.

While twists on enduring styles will always have their place in prom, there’s no better time to expect glammed-up looks that break the mold. Janelle Monae has taken the pantsuit to new heights on the red carpet, and model Emily Ratajkowski was recently trending across Twitter for her surprise wedding where she wore a perfectly tailored, belted mustard suit.

Whimsical, glittering metallics and decadent gold will give modern flair to classic looks. Fringe-filled silver, for example, gives a ’20 Gatsby look, which dominated prom themes last year.

It doesn’t have to be over-the-top – more simple, chic dresses in these sheens can capture last year’s pastel princess trend with a subtle sophistication. Those blush looks will return, and we look forward to seeing them with even more shine this time around.

And, of course, it always comes down to the details. We expect to see more alternative cuts, like low backs and off-the-shoulder styles. Intricate lace and embroidery will continue to steal the show, even on the most traditional dresses.

Unique Swanky 1969 Mercedes 600 Pullman Limo For Sale

LI Party Rides news staff was notified about a  $895,000 1969 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman stretch limo, currently residing in Boeblingen, Germany. This luxury car is turning head and making news head lines.

While the short-wheelbase 600s were designed to be owner-driven, the long-wheel based models required a chauffeur and offered privacy via a central divider and power window. They year was 1964 when production of this amazing limousine started and continued with relative fervor for a ride of this caliber through 1981. At the time, it bested the Type 300 Adenauer as the manufacturer’s most spendy vehicle.

  • The Pullman’s yesteryear contenders in the super-luxury market included the likes of select
  • Rolls-Royces,
  • Bentleys,
  • Cadillac Fleetwood 75
  • Chrysler Imperial Crown Ghia
  • Lincoln Continental Lehmann-Peterson.

But the Pullman’s fanciful roster of notable and celebrity owners, including Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, Pol Pot and a little someone named The Pope, solidified its rank and the classic limo crème de la crème.

The Pullman is now is prime show form, technically and visually stunning with a buttery red interior, and ready to hit the ground running at Concours.

The vehicle comes with a one-year warranty, a Daimler-Benz data card of first delivery with matching engine number and a value certificate with an “excellent” condition grade. The sale price includes complimentary door-to-door insured shipping to the buyer’s desired address in the U.S. via sea freight and customs clearance. Import taxes, however, are not included. And if you should find yourself in any other destination in the world outside the States, freight or delivery is also available upon request.

Prom Limousine

Prom Limousine

Planning for prom can be difficult for both guys and girls. There are many things that have to be done to prepare you for the day. It can be a very exciting night and you want to make sure that everything goes as plan. When you think about prom night, things that come to mind a getting a tux or finding the prom limousine. There are different step that can get you prom ready.

Prom preparation for guys

Prom season is right around the corner. Before you know it the day will be right here. Prom night is a memorable time for high school students. We have put together a list to better prepare you for prom night.

  • Find a date- one of the first things to do to get ready for prom is to find your prom date.
  • Pick a group- after you find your date you can find which group of friends you are going with. Once you get the total number you can find a prom limousine or party bus.
  • Get fitted for tux- You don’t want to wait last minute to rent or buy a tuxedo. Give yourself enough time to choose a tux and get fitted.
  • Buy a corsage- It is tradition that the guy buys a corsage for their date.
  • Transportation arrangement- s is very busy in the limo industry and prom limousines are booked fast.

The one thing that you want to remember is to enjoy the process and have fun. Your prom night is all about having a great time with all your friends.

NY Prom Limousine Rental

At Li Party Rides we want to make your prom limousine rental easy. Our number one priority is making sure that we provide safe transportation service. We want all parents to rest assure that their teenagers are in great hands. We have a large limousine and party bus fleet to cater to all party sizes. Whether you have a group of 6 or group of 20 we have the right prom limousine or party bus. Contact us today and get started on booking your prom limousine.

NYC Birthday Limo

NYC Birthday Limo

Your birthday is a day that you should enjoy to the fullest. Out of the 365 days in the year your birthday is meant to celebrate you. When it comes to your birthday the thing that matters most is that you have a great time no matter what you choose to do. One of the advantages of being so close to New York City and the boroughs is that there are so many places and things to choose to do for a birthday celebration. You can head out to the city in an NYC Birthday Limo and visit some of the popular hot spots around the city.

NYC Birthday Destinations

  1. Sugar Factory- The Sugar Factory offers a mix of great food, drinks and deserts. It is well known for their amazing selections of drinks and some of the best sweets the city has to offer.
  2. Drybar- If you are having a girls night out for you birthday or just looking for a spot to pregame before celebrating Drybar is a must visit spot.
  3. Brooklyn Bowl- If you want s place that will give you a little of everything Brooklyn Bowl is the pace for you. You can dance, eat, drink and enjoy the live music.
  4. Marquee- Want to celebrate your birthday like a celebrity head to marquee. This night club has plenty of space and is loaded with state of the art sound and lighting system.

NYC Birthday Limo

NYC Birthday Limo Rental

If you want to make your birthday extra special rent an NYC Birthday Limousine or Party Bus. With an NYC Birthday Limo you can get to and from you birthday destination without a problem. Li Party Rides is proud to offer Limousine and party bus transportation rental service for any occasion. Let us provider you with our professional and courteous NYC Birthday Limo and Party Bus Service. Visit us today and see what sets us apart from or competition.

Antique Limousine

Antique Limousine Rental

Antique Princess Rolls Royce

Finding the right limousine for an event can be difficult. With so many options when it comes to styles it can seem overwhelming. One of the great things about looking for a limousine is that there are different limousines for all events.

For instance when planning a wedding there are all styles of limousines to help you make a grand entrance. If you are looking for a touch of antique style you can choose one of the various Antique Limousines.

Wedding Limousine- Antique Limousine

There are many things that are involved with planning a wedding. You have to choose a color scheme, find a venue, pick the food and pick the amount of people to invite. One of the important parts of the entire wedding day is the transportation.

You can always pick party bus or a stretch limousine for the wedding party and family members. However when it comes to the bride and groom you want to make sure to stand out. What better way to get around on the wedding day than an antique limousine such as a Princess Rolls Royce or Rolls Royce Phantom.

Limousine Rental

Li Party Rides is here to help you with limousine rentals for all events. We cater to all events and occasions and offer affordable service. We know that when you are looking for a limousine you want the very best at a reasonable price. We will take the time to make sure that you find the right limousine or party bus that has what you are looking for. Visit us today and take a look at our large limousine and party bus fleet.

NY Prom Limo

Popular 2018 Prom Themes- NY Prom Limo

One of the important components of all proms is the Theme. The right theme can make the whole night memorable. Like all parties the theme helps to set the mood for the celebration. Each year there are different themes that capture the eye of high school prom planners. Prom night comes only one time a year for high school seniors so you want to make sure they have the memories to talk about.

When it comes to themes you don’t have to worry about of you will find one because there are many options. It can be difficult to choose the right theme because there are various themes that incorporate things such as color schemes or different season or fairy tales. For 2018 there are different themes which have stood out.

Prom Themes 2018

  • Hollywood Premier- what better way to celebrate prom than making everyone feel like stars. This theme will make everyone feel like they are in Hollywood.
  • Vintage Masquerade Ball- The masquerade ball theme is a classic theme among prom party planners. This is a fun way for seniors to celebrate prom night with a hint of mystery.
  • Poseidon’s Paradise- this offers an underwater like theme. With the blue and ship details everyone will feel like they are in an underwater paradise.

NY Prom Limo Service

As your prom night rapidly approaches you do not want to forget about the NY Prom Limo. Li Party Rides can help to provide you with the right NY Prom Limo or party bus. We know that for parents one of the most important things is safety. At Li Party Rides we provide a safe atmosphere to ensure that your child celebrates prom night responsibly. We offer a luxury fleet containing the Latest limousines and party buses. Contact us today and let us assist you in finding the right NY Prom Limo.

NYC Prom Party Bus

NYC Prom Party Bus

Your Prom night is something that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. You will be able to remember the fun memories that that you made on that night. Prom night is a night to have fun with all of the friends that you have made throughout the years. There are many components that go into making your prom night a hit.

Prom Limousine Transportation

In order to get prepared for prom night there are many thing that you have to get done. The first major things that you have to decide are who you are taking to prom and the group that you will be going with. When it comes to getting around on prom night many people decide to get a group of friends together to get a Party bus. An NYC Prom party bus is a great way to celebrate the entire prom night. One of the benefits of deciding to choose an NYC Prom

is that you have the option to fit a large number of people. With a party bus for prom you can also have room to dance and feel comfortable at the same time. If you are looking to have a great pom experience get your friends together and rent an NYC Prom Limousine.

NYC Party Bus

If you are looking for reliable transportation for prom then choose LI Party Rides. We offer are large fleet which offer many features to make any event special. Our fleet contains many limousines and party buses. At LI Party Rides we have a proven track record of providing all our clients with exceptional service throughout their rental. Whether you are celebrating a

, prom, birthday or any other occasion we will make sure to provide you with the affordable and courteous service.

NYC Prom Limo

Prom Trends 2018- NYC Prom Limo RentalProm 2018


Prom night is something that many high school students put a lot of preparation into to make the night special For this very special night you want to make sure that you have the very best. As the years change so does the style choices. Each year there are new fashion and style trends to choose that will help you make a grand entrance for the night. Below are some of the top Prom trends to look for in 2018.

2018 Prom Dress Trends

  1. Metallic: One of the top expected trends when it comes to prom dresses is metallic colors. Whether it is a metallic silver or gold look you will stand out and shin like a celebrity.
  2. Open back dresses- The open back dress style is going to be making an appearance all around this year. This is the perfect way to show some skin but be still. With many options you can choose how open or closed you want the cut.
  3. Velvet- One of the most comfortable and soft materials that has grown in popularity for this years prom season is velvet. One of the things to think about when choosing this material is the color. Colors such as blue and red are among the top choices.
  4. Cut out & Strappy Details- These have been trends that have been around for many years and continue to be favorites. Whether you want a lot of cut out of a little you can let the dress do the talking for you.

NYC Prom Limo

Besides having the best dress or tuxedo another way to make a great entrance is in an NYC Prom Limo. At Li Party Rides we have a large limousine and Party Bus Fleet that is great for all NYC Prom Limo rentals. No matter how big or small your prom party size is we will be sure to get you in the perfect transportation for your prom night. We will put our experience and dedication to work to ensure that you have the safest NYC Prom Limo Service.

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