Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Long Island Wine Tour

A wine tour is undoubtedly one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Long Island while getting to try different varieties of wine.

Experienced wine tasters and beginners should note these five tips for their next wine tour on Long Island.

Long Island wine tour

Plan Ahead

A good Long Island wine tour should be made up of both old and new wineries. However, keep in mind that wineries, especially those newly established, might require you to schedule your wine tasting as part of their services.

Therefore, it’s best to contact the winery to ensure you do not run into any problems when you visit.

Should you decide to use Long Island Party Rides for your wine tour, we will make all of the arrangements on your behalf.

Craft a Complete Itinerary

Your day itinerary should be comprised of several stops, regardless of whether you’re going out with friends or family. It should account for travel time, shopping, rest and lunch, for example.

Consider Bringing an Empty Box With You. Why?

At a wine tour, you’ll inevitably end up with a bottle or two of the ones you like. Always keep a spare cardboard box in your trunk or back seat so you’ll have something to keep the wine safe during your tour.

Assign a Designated Driver

A designated driver is a must if you plan on a half-day or full-day trip to wineries. Most wine tours can give you more than just a sip of its products, and it won’t help if there’s no one sober enough to drive you back.

Using our Long Island Wine Tour service, you can be confident that you will be transported from location to location safely.

Read Up Before Going

Wine tasting tours will usually have an expert guide you around the facility and explain wine-making. A typical visit will have you swirling, seeing, smelling, and sipping the vino and appreciating its flavor, body, and whatnot.

The tasting process ensures that people who visit the vineyards will have the chance to enjoy all the characteristics and history of their wine.

Ready to experience a Long Island Wine Tour? Contact one of our specialists to learn more.

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