Bachelorette Limousine Service

Bachelorette Limousine Service

Bachelorette Limousine Service

Women all over the world feel extremely excited about getting married and about the idea of spending their lives with their significant other.

But they also know the importance and the value of friendship.

This is the reason why all brides to be are going to want to get the ultimate bachelorette party in order to ensure the best last night out with their friends.

This is not to say they won’t see each other again, but everyone knows life after marriage

is not the same, so a proper way to celebrate their friendship and their bond is to have a party that no one will ever forget.

At Li party Rides, we know how much this night is going to mean to you and your friends.

This is the reason why we are going to provide the most reliable, safe and affordable experience for your celebration.

Our bachelorette limousine service and bus service is second to none and our commitment to customer satisfaction makes is the ultimate choice for your needs.

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What do you get when you hire Li Rides?

Your chauffeur is going to arrive at your location exactly at the time that you request.

They will also be instructed to call you 30 minutes before they reach your location to give you ample time to get ready.

The chauffeur will be aware of every single destination you want to visit during the night and you could also request for anything that has been added to your bachelorette schedule as the night goes on.

The bachelorette limousine service is going to be customized for your need and it will include AC or heating as you require as depending on the current weather.

The experience is going to be perfect because we know that you want to have the perfect party on that special last day out with the girls before you say your vows.

Why is this ideal for you?

We all know that there are many things you have on your mind before your wedding.

The last thing you want is to be adding extra chores and extra planning with your bachelorette party.

Whoever is in charge of throwing the party is going to want to make sure that the bride will be happy and carefree.

This is why the limousine service is so useful, it will give you the chance to enjoy the night without having to drive separate cars and having to wait for people to arrive at any specific location.

Every time you ride the limo is a perfect opportunity to share some memories and prepare for the fun to come.

When you use our limo service, you are all going to be able to enjoy some great times while the chauffeur drives you to each of the locations you planned for your bachelorette party.

What People Say

t should go without saying that LI Party Rides, now more than ever, have top my last booking. They are on time and prices are beyond reasonable.

- by John Doe

BACHELORETTE Limousine Rental Long Island

It’s safety first with us! When you book your daughter’s limousine or party bus, you’re ordering top notch. Each one of our state-of-the-art vehicles is customized to our specifications.

For continued safety precautions, a pre-trip safety inspection is not only done by our professional drivers, but our Fleet Manager as well.

This is just one thing that makes our Long Island Sweet Sixteen Limousine Service exceptional

Top destinations for your bachelorette party

Relaxation before the fun. Girls love to relax before a fun night out and what better way to do this than to visit a Spa.

We recommend the Haven Spa for that ideal package that allows you to book the place for you and your girls so you can have an awesome time without anyone else in the entire location.

Get tipsy: Now that you are ready to go enjoy some drinks and have even more fun with your gang, you can make the refinery Rooftop your next stop in this awesome endless party.

You will enjoy an excellent location for the best cocktails in the area.

Time to enjoy some food: Once you feel that your stomach needs more than party liquids, you are going to love checking out Smorgasburg for some of the most delicious foods from top NY restaurants.

This is the best place to ensure that everyone in your group will have their food cravings satisfied.

Time to get classy

You can now make your way to the City Winery and you will have the chance to experience the taste of wine that is freshly made.

You had your drinks and you had your food, now it’s time to bring in the element of wine into the mix.

This is also a great place to continue those spicy hot conversations that girls usually have on their nights out.

Take the Sex & the City Tour

Go on a boat cruise

Take a boat ride and enjoy the festivities and events that Entertainment Cruises offers at all hours of the day and night.

This is a great way to get ready for some more fun later that night at the local clubs.

Anything goes

At Li Party Rides, we are ready to go to any location you find fun and exciting.

We are going to take you to the destinations you want and we will be sure to make it on time and to take you back to the pickup location or anywhere else in the area.

Be sure to contact us for details regarding the service and the areas we cover.

Special discounts:

If you book before Friday you get 100$ off and if you refer a friend, you get 200$ Off.

We are always looking for ways to help you save and to maintain the same level of fun and engagement, but most of all, responsibility and safety with every client that hires our services.

Make use of the ultimate bachelorette limousine service with the TIffany Party Bus for 34 passengers.

The Mercedes Benz S550 Stretch and the Stretch Hummer H2 for 20 passengers are also available.

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