Night Out Limousine Service In New York

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LI Party Rides: Night Out Limousine Service

If you are planning to enjoy an awesome night to enjoy the best locations that New York City has to offer, you are going to live renting our Night out Limousine Service. At Li party rides, you are going to have the chance to enjoy an amazing time without having to worry about driving around or picking friends and family up at different locations.

One of the most important things to consider about this is that you are going to be able to spend quality time with the people you want to have with you on that great night out. A service that stands out from the rest. Li Party Rides is a business that was started with a very important mission.

Night Out Limousine Service

That mission is to prioritize our client’s needs and this is the reasons why we have managed to become such a great and reliable service provider. We only hire professional chauffeurs that know how to drive around the city in the safest and most efficient way possible. We also screen our employees and check their background to ensure that they are up to the standards that we require.


The Benefits Of Renting A Limousine Service For Your Next Night Out In NYC.

There is no question that a night out with friends, family or even for business purposes is one that you want to be safe and fun. The best way to ensure that everything runs smoothly is to avoid having to be in separate groups driving around the city. By hiring our services, you can all be together and enjoy the entire night without having to worry about any kind of setbacks or about anyone being late or getting lost. There is also the great advantage of not having to worry about anyone in terms of who is going to be drinking and who is going to be the designated driver. Everyone is going to be able to have equal amounts of fun or as much fun as they desire to have. This is another reason why our services provide such a special and engaging experience for everyone involved.


Night Out Long Island Limousine Service

We are an affordable, responsible and reliable limousine service that has been doing this for a long time. Our service is meant to be the ultimate solution for those who want to avoid the hassles of transportation and moving from one place to another when they party at night.

What Our Guest Have To Say

"It should go without saying that LI Party Rides, now more than ever, have top my last booking. They are on time and prices are beyond reasonable."


Best Nightlife Locations In New York

There is also the chance to have some great conversations with people while the chauffeur drives you to the location. This is great when you are with a group of business people and you want to get to know them better. It’s also ideal for family and friend reunions.


Lower East Side

This is probably the optimal location for those who want to enjoy a very classy and relaxed night out of drinks and dinner without noisy interruptions. Plenty of great restaurants and bars in the area for those looking to socialize effortlessly. Ideal for a large group of people pulling an all-nighter.


Meatpacking District

This is a bit more on the expensive side but the quality of entertainment certainly makes up for the entry fee at most of the clubs and bars found in that area. A perfect place for anyone who is looking to invite people to a nice night out that is both fun and safe. While this is great for anyone, we strongly recommend it for a business night out situation.


East Village

Nightlife in NY is a never-ending experience for those who are able to stay up until the sun comes out. The variety of entertainment available in Manhattan’s East Village is something to behold. You will find some great bars, restaurants and spots to hang out and enjoy some quality time with those you bring along for an unforgettable night out.


Greenwich Village

A great deal of artistic venues for people who enjoy good music and a nice environment to have drinks and cool down after a good meal. You will find plenty of top level musicians performing in this area at all times and especially during the weekend.



There is no way to go wrong if you want to have a night out of drinking and fun. Those who want to experience the best of the best in terms of drinking spots are going to love visiting Chelsea. Remember that you don’t have to worry about designated drivers and that is always a plus. Everyone can get as tipsy as they want and there will be no danger of driving drunk.


NYC Night Out Limousine Special Discounts:

Make sure you book before Friday you get 100$ off and if you refer a friend, you are going to get 200$ Off. Giving discounts to help you save and to also maintain the same level of fun and engagement is important to us. Make use of the ultimate night out limousine service with the Tiffany Party Bus for 34 passengers. But most of all, responsibility and safety with every client that hires our services. We are proud to say we have the best available transportation for your needs and we keep those rides in truly impeccable condition to satisfy your needs. The Mercedes Benz S550 Stretch and the Stretch Hummer H2 for 20 passengers are also available

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