Bachelor Limousine Service

Bachelor Limousine Service


There is no question that everyone loves a good bachelor party. This is the perfect time for friends to gather and celebrate the last single night with one of their buddies.

This is meant to happen on the same night of the bachelorette party that is thrown to women on their last day before the weeding.

Obviously, there is a commitment between these two individuals, but this does not mean they can’t have one last night of fun with friends before tying the knot.


With that said, we are here to provide the ultimate limousine service for that legendary bachelor party.

A party that is meant to rival the craziness of current bachelor movies.

So, whether or not you have a crazy bearded friend that always gets you into trouble, you are going to want to get the best and most convenient limousine service to party all night, and we are the best choice to make this a reality.

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Customized for your needs-Limousine Service

All of our party rides including buses and limousines are delivered to us for customization from a partner.

This is one of the reasons why our rides are so exceptional and so popular for bachelor parties. We are going to make sure that they are always provided with your specific needs in mind.

This is how we ensure a great and truly engaging experience that no one is ever going to forget.

The benefits of a bachelor limousine service for your party:


Having fun and enjoying one last night out with your friends before getting married is not something that should be dangerous at any moment.

When you hire a limousine service, you know that everyone is going to be in the same vehicle or bus and no one is going to have to drive separately

This is going to give peace of mind to your bride to be and to her bridesmaids, some of whom are probably dating some of your friends.

No designated drivers

Designated drivers are a great thing because they allow for everyone to have fun and drink all they want while they have a lemonade, but a bachelor party is not the time for a designated driver.

You want everyone to have equal amounts of fun and this way you are not going to have to be watching out for the designated driver to make sure that he is not having on drink too many.

What People Say

t should go without saying that LI Party Rides, now more than ever, have top my last booking. They are on time and prices are beyond reasonable.

- by John Doe

Why You Should Pick Our Bachelor Limousine Services

Bonding time:
If the entire group is using several cars, you will be missing out on a lot of bonding time while you go from one destination to the next.

This is going to ruin some of the fun and you might end up having some people in your group arriving late due to traffic and many other factors.

Make sure that you are all together all night long and this is going to make the experience much more fun.

Safety: For us, your safety is key. We have some very skilled and courteous limo drivers who understand that the safety of every client is what matters most. They take great care to give you the safest ride possible.

What to expect from our service

Once you hire our bachelor limousine service for your party, you can expect the chauffeur to arrive on time,

but we go the extra mile and we make sure that he calls you at least 30 minutes before arrival so you and your friends can all be ready.

If you wish to pick up your friends one by one, we can schedule that for you as well, so there is no need to worry about that.

It can also be fun to pick people up one by one.

The chauffeur should have the entire list of destinations you want for the night and the vehicles provided

will have AC or heating as required depending on the weather and the season.

Special discounts:

Book before Friday and obtain 100$ off and refer a Friend to Obtain 200$ Off.

We are always looking for ways to help you save and to maintain the same level of fun and engagement, but most of all, responsibility and safety with every client that hires our services.

The Mercedes Benz S550 Stretch, and the Stretch Hummer H2 for 20 passengers are also available.

Make use of the amazing TIffany Party Bus for 34 passengers

Where to go for your bachelor party

We can take you to any location you want, but we also have very specific locations that we recommend

to everyone in Long Island when they are looking to have an awesome time in several New York venues.

Chelsea Piers

If you are a bunch of sports lovers and active people who enjoy physical activities, you are going to love the rock climbing, the golf, the sailing and the bowling that is available here.

It might be the perfect way to have fun, crack some jokes and work up and appetite for later.

The Big Apple Helicopter tours

If you want to make things extra fun with your buddies, these helicopters can accommodate up to 12 people at a time,

so you can definitely bring the whole gang for some fun and it would be a great way to get to know the city from above.

Fat Cat

If there is a place that can be seen as the perfect venue for fun, music, pool and billiards, you are never going to go wrong with Fat Cat.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

Just the name itself is iconic for those who are looking to enjoy some bachelor fun with their friends.

This is a classy place so it’s a look but don’t touch kind of deal.

The idea is that you can enjoy a great dinner, some drinks and great music all while being waited by gorgeous women who happen to be topless.

You might want to keep this part of the tour a secret so your bride to be doesn’t end up crashing your party.

Hotels to stay

There are several hotels that we can recommend due to great prices and special deals for bachelors.

Some of them include the Dream Downtown Hotel, the Gansevoort, and the Highline, but we can drive you to any Hotel of your preference.

Long Island Bachelor Limousine Service