Safety Standards

At LI Party Rides, our #1 commitment is safety for our customer and the community. We realize that when choosing a luxury ground transportation provider, safety is, and should be, a primary concern.

For over 20 years, our family business has worked tirelessly to make sure each of our luxury vehicles are ensure are 100% comfortable and your safety is never in jeopardy.

Our Chauffeurs

LI Party Rides Limousine only employs chauffeurs with impeccable driving records and we do background checks. Our chauffeurs are all fully licensed and undergo thorough background and motor vehicle (MVR) checks prior to being hired.

LI Party Rides also make sure that each driver must pass a pre-employment drug/alcohol test. All chauffeurs are equipped with all necessary tools (including smartphones, tablets, etc) to perform their duties at the highest level.

All drivers are required to attend quarterly driver safety and customer service training, are randomly tested for drugs and alcohol, and have their motor vehicle records (MVR) checked every six months.

Our Chauffeurs

Our diverse fleet of luxury vehicles is maintained by our dedicated staff mechanics and detailers. We perform weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance checks on all vehicles to ensure that they stay running even in the most hazardous conditions.

Our vehicles are properly registered and replaced every six months to guarantee you are always riding in the newest models with the most updated safety features and amenities.

Our Commitment to Your Safety

To further ensure your safety, LI Party Rides Limousine utilizes GPS and fleet tracking technology in our vehicles. This technology mitigates risk by improving driver behavior and assessing liability in collisions.

Combining sight and sound, expert analysis and driver coaching, these units have reduced vehicle damages, workers’ compensation, and personal injury costs by 50 percent in more than 100,000 commercial, government and consumer vehicles.

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