New Year’s Eve Party Bus

Times Square New Year Eve

The idea of being able to enjoy the best New Year’s even with your friends or with your family is always an appealing thing to do.

New Years Eve Party Bus

If you are planning to have a great new year with those close to you, we have the ultimate service or your needs at Li Party Rides.

We know that this is the time of the year that makes people reflect on what they want to change and improve, but it’s also a night that you want to enjoy to the fullest before you get ready for the coming year.

Our limousine and party bus services are one of a kind

We have a party bus service that is ideal for an amazing New Year’s Eve party.

Party Bus Long Island New Year

We have such great rides available that some people claim they have enjoyed the party in the ride more than the locations they visited for New Years.

That is how good and how amazing our party buses can be.

They are fully equipped with a comfortable and stylish look that makes them an ideal place for you and your group of people to drink and socialize.

The best thing about our service is that we match the quality of our rides with the quality of our drivers.

2018 New Years Eve

We only hire the most responsible and experienced chauffeurs in the industry.

This is one of the main reasons why we stand out from the rest and we have become the ultimate and most reliable choice for those who want to have an amazing time while partying in NYC.

Why should you rent a party bus for New Year’s Eve?

There are many activities that people engage during their New Year’s Eve celebration and one of the most common and important is the drinking.

Not that we are encouraging people to drink, but let’s get real, everyone likes to get their drink on during these celebrations.

Party Bus Long Island

This means that the last thing everyone wants to be doing is driving around the city and having to be a designated driver.

When you hire our party bus services, you know everyone is going to party as much as they want and they are all going to be back home safe and sound regardless of how much they drink.

Another important reason to hire our party bus is that you are all going to be able to have fun and enjoy a conversation with everyone else without worrying about the rad in front of you.

New York Party Bus Rental

If you had to drive, you would probably need separate cars for everyone that is going to be with you during the celebration and you would all miss out on more quality time together.

The bus provides some of the best quality time you could ever experience because there will be no external noise and no other people getting in the way of your conversations.

Best locations to visit during New Year’s Eve

Rooftop party

There are so many great rooftop parties happening in NYC every New Year’s Eve that it would be hard to decide which one would be ideal for you, but rest assured that our party bus can drive you to any of those spots during the night.

There are plenty of great activities happening at these rooftop parties, but drinking is the name of the game, so get ready to get tipsy.

Check out the many concerts in the city

We don’t know if you are a rocker, or a blue lover or perhaps you prefer dance music.

It doesn’t matter what your preference is because NYC has concerts for all musical genres during New Year’s Eve.

Just pick your favorite concert and the party bus will take you there.

Enjoy some culinary variety

There are many great restaurants and small food places all over NYC.

The party bus can take you to any of these locations so you can grab a good bite and continue the party.

There is plenty of drinking going on at many of these locations too so you can expect the fun to be continuous.

The countdown

The NY harbor is a great place for the countdown and you always have the famous Times Square ball drop that is going to be packed with people from all over NY and also from all over the world.

If you prefer a more private setting, we would recommend that you spend the last hour of the year away from the crowded areas as there are easily accessible bathrooms or commodities in those areas.

The party bus can take you to any club you want.

You can pick your favorite spots

There is no limit on the places that you can visit with the party bus.

We will drive you to any location within the NYC limits and this means that you get to pick your ideal New Year’s Eve party.

No need to worry about how drunk you get or how much fun you have, we will drive you anywhere and we will take you back to your home or any location you want by the time you want to call it a night.

Special discounts

Booking before Friday gets you a nice $100 discount and if you refer a friend, you are going to get a $200 discount.

We love giving people the chance to get some discount for their ride and we know that your satisfaction with our limousine and party bus services is essential for our success as a business.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our service.

We recommend the Tiffany Party Bus that is able to hold up to thirty-four people.

The Mercedes Benz S550 model and the Hummer H2 for a group of twenty people are also a good choice.

These are rides that will create some epic memories with those close to you and that is one of the main reasons why this is such an amazing way to celebrate the New Year.

You can easily make this night an unforgettable one and we know you are going to want to do this again soon!