Antique Limo Rental For Weddings and Special Occasions

Wedding Antique Limo Rental

There are very few moments in life that are as magical and as important as a wedding day. Both men and women experience a great number of emotions when they finally decide to become a team and live their lives together. This is a very big deal and it can be an even bigger deal for women because of the way they idealize this day from a very early age. At Li Party Rides, we understand the importance and the value of that day and those emotions. This is the reason why we have an amazing limousine service and antique limo rental service for you and for your main guests, but we also have a wedding antique and vintage car rental service to make that “just married” moment truly unforgettable.

Our services are one of a kind

We have a highly professional team of people that work at Li Party Rides. Our chauffeurs are screeners to ensure that you will be in the hands of the best drivers in the area. We also have a great customer service department that is going to answer any questions that you have about the service we offer. We will make sure that your antique car arrives with a professional chauffeur that is going to drive you to any location you want.

We can also provide some ideas of locations that you might want to visit with your significant other while you drive around in our vintage car. Not only that, but our limousine service is always ready to help you get your guests to the wedding reception and if you want to enjoy some sightseeing with your closest friends and family, you could also rent our bus and enjoy some amazing times with them without worrying about who would be driving and who needs to be a designated driver.

No one wants to be a designated driver at a wedding celebration because everyone wants to be having fun and enjoying some drinks. You can also arrange to have some of your guests picked up from their homes or their hotel rooms. This is the main reason why our services are being used by people for their weddings. We make the transportation process both easy and fun.

You could make your wedding even more of a special event by arranging a tour around NYC with you and those closest to you and your spouse. There are no rules when it comes to your wedding and you can decide to spend that incredible day any way you want. All of our buses, limousines an vintage cars are equipped with everything you need to make that ride special for you and your anyone you want to bring with you.

Vintage car options

We have a wide range of vintage cars options for your needs. There are many vintage cars that are commonly requested for weddings. The Cadillac 1971 El Dorado and the 1966 De Ville convertibles are two of the most common because they allow the couple to sit on top of the back seats and create that ideal moment with their just married sign on the back. That is ideal for those who love classic vintage, but you also have those who like the Porsche Speedster and the 1950 Rolls Royce.

The choice of vehicle depends entirely on each couple, but we are happy to announce that we have several models available and we will get a chauffeur to drive you to any destination you want after the ceremony is over. These are all cars that receive proper constant maintenance and they are running perfectly without any issues. They may look vintage, but they are extremely safe vehicles.

The good news is that our services are also very affordable and you will find that they are more than worth the cost. That moment when you are looking at your significant other and you both drive away in that cool looking vintage car while photos and video are being taken is just priceless. All it takes is a phone call and we will get your vintage car setup and ready for that important day. The driver will be there in time and he will know exactly where to take you.

Special discounts

We can provide a nice $100 discount if you book your vintage car or antique limo rental before Friday and you could also get a huge $200 discount if you refer friends to the service. You could also rent a limo before Friday and recommend any of our services to someone else and get the discount if they hire our services. We love to make our customers feel completely satisfied with the results they get from hiring our services.

If you want to make sure that this is an event you and your guests will never forget, you could also rent the Tiffany Party Bus and this vehicle is able to take as many as 34 wedding guests. You can also decide to hire a classy Mercedes Benz S550 or the popular Hummer for as many as twenty passengers. This can be perfect for those who want to get a small number of guests to arrive at the wedding at the same time. Don’t forget that your wedding is one of a kind event and definitely one that you are not planning on repeating, so you better make it count.

This is a day that you want everyone to remember and a day that you want everyone to talk about for a long time to come, but most importantly, a day that will be in images and video for you and for future generations to enjoy. This is why a vintage car is such a valuable part of that day and we will make sure it creates the perfect memories for your wedding event.

Our antique limo rental service has become so popular for weddings that we have wedding planners calling us all the time to arrange for our vintage cars to pick up the groom and the bride and create that timeless moment for them.