XL-300 is Like a Stretched-Limo Superyacht

Limousine in the Sea
Not all Limo transportation have to be on land. The new Fast Displacement XL-300 at completion will be 20 percent longer than other yachts in its class

Fast Displacement XL-300

When two great minds come together 156-foot concept called the Fast Displacement XL-300 is born.Van Oossanen Naval Architecture has collaborated with Italian designer Federico Fiorentino on a new 156-foot concept called the Fast Displacement XL-300. This new sea limo monsters pairs Van Oosanen’s patented FDHF (Fast Displacement Hull Form) with an exterior by Milan-based Fiorentino to create a yacht that is 20-percent longer than other yachts in its class. The XL-300 was design for for Ocean Independence for the U.S. yachting market which provides30-knot top speed and double-digit increase in interior volume.

“Our new XL series offers maximum length, superior comfort and the highest performance,” says Perry van Oossanen. “It gives the possibility to create the longest yachts ever within the 200-, 300-, or 500-gross-ton boundaries.” Van Oossanen says that 20 percent extra hull length will provide 10 percent more interior space, along with a noteworthy 30-percent to 40-percent increase in exterior deck space. Think swimming pools, helipads, and extra social areas, along with an exponential increase in comfort levels in a much smaller hull.