Celebrate Your Daughter with a Quinceanera Limousine Rental

It’s easy to understand why parents and guardians want to make their daughter’s Quinceanera memorable. The girl’s 15th birthday is one of the most well-known and beloved rights of passage.

The celebration of a girl becoming a woman is filled with joyous gatherings of family and friends and bittersweet private moments between the birthday girl and those who love her so dearly.

Quinceanera limo

What is a Quinceañera?

Also known by it’s longer name, fiesta de quince años and fiesta de quinceañera, a quinceañera is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday.

The girl who is celebrating her 15th birthday might also be referred to as a quinceañera. Interestingly, in America, the term quinceañera is used to refer to the celebration and the honoree. In many Latin counties, the phrase only represents the birthday girl.

The celebration’s cultural roots can be found around the world, including in the ancient customs of the Aztecs. With such widespread roots, it’s easy to see why the celebration is so popular in America today.

New York City and Long Island are no exception. On any given night in the city or on Long Island, you’ll find families celebrating a quinceañera.

How is a Quinceañera Celebrated?

There are as many ways to celebrate a quinceañera as there are celebrants. Many families like to put their own spin on the celebration while others adhere to tradition.

One of the most revered traditions in a quinceañera celebration is to begin the day at a special Mass for the Quinceanera. In attendance are her parents, God-parents, family, and a close group of friends.

Once Mass is done, the fiesta and partying begin!

The quinceañera party includes dinner, dancing, and entertainment. Some choose to rent out an event facility while others might choose a restaurant for the party.

Why Should You Consider a Quinceañera Limousine Rental?

The reality is, a quinceañera celebration has many things in common with a wedding. Much like the bride, the Quinceañera deserves only the best on this once-in-a-lifetime day. Getting quinceañera limousine service for the friends and family adds a touch of luxury and class to the day.

A quinceanera limo with a professional chauffeur can transport everyone to Mass and to the party location. This will allow everyone to relax and focus on the birthday honoree, which is how it should be. It is her big day.

The luxury transportation for a quinceañera is not limited only to limo rentals. For larger group sizes we are proud to offer party bus rental as well. This non-stop-party-on-wheels keeps the excitement going between stops and will get everyone pumped for the quinceanera party.

We specialize in providing limousines and party busses for all types of celebrations and a quinceañera is one of our favorites.

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