Once again Christmas is here and everybody wants to go shopping for house decorations and party items.
Shopping for Christmas can be very stressful especially the part where you have to move from one shopping mall to the other just to make sure you buy everything you need for Christmas.
New York is one of the biggest cities in the world where people take shopping seriously especially when it comes to festive periods like Christmas.
Everybody wants to spend their Christmas holiday in New York and because of this the roads to every shopping mall becomes crowded with heavy traffic.


This can be very frustrating especially when you have not even bought half of the items listed on your shopping list and you still have lots to do after shopping.
Most people even forget to buy some of the items on their list because they think too much about how they can easily bypass the crowd at a shopping mall and visit another shopping mall to complete their shopping.
Well you do not have to worry about how to go about your shopping when there is a limousine service available to carry you to and fro at every shopping mall of your choice.
This is wonderful to hear isn’t it? We are a limousine company that is offering limousine service for your Christmas shopping at every shopping mall of your choice.
A limousine service for shopping might sound too excessive but it is rather the best answer for your problems. Our services are affordable, luxurious and comfortable.
We carryout our service diligently by putting you as our number one priority in order to save you from being frustrated on your Christmas shopping and also save Christmas for you.


Our services are exceptional and cannot be compared to that of other services.
Most limousine companies would tell you what you want to hear and by the end of the day when you actually try out their service they will spoil your Christmas plans and you will regret why you ever tried out their services.
However, if you try our services you would not regret it because our number one aim is putting your needs first and since you need to arrive at every shopping mall desire to do your shopping we get you there right away once you book our services.

Here are the few things that makes our services exceptional from other companies:

  • Safety: Our drivers are professionally trained to safely drive you to your destination so you do not have to worry about safety.
  • Punctuality: We know for a fact that during this period the mornings are always a rush hour that is why in order to make sure you do not go for shopping late to face the crowd and traffic our drivers will arrive very early to pick you up so that you can start your Christmas shopping.
  • Comfort: Our limousines are very comfortable and will definitely suite your needs. We make they are clean and air refreshed. The limousines are also good for the weather and has drinks, good holiday music and movies that you can watch and ever you need.
  • our fleet: We offer a variety of limo for you to choose from. We cannot afford to allow you and your friends or family to squeeze into a car so in order to give you the luxurious Christmas shopping you want we have the right fleet of vehicles for you to choose from. Our fleet of vehicles ranges from stretch limos to luxury buses.
  • Accommodation: We try our very best to make sure that we understand what your plans are and how many people you will be shopping with. With our quality customer service, we are able to assist you with your plans and even help take care of things that you left out while booking for our services. You do not have to worry about whether or not we would be able to work with your schedule because we are flexible enough to accommodate your needs and your schedule.
  • Affordable price: our price ranges are affordable so you do not have to worry about spending too much just for the Christmas holiday.
  • Quality: most companies will say that the cheapest is not the best but for us the cheapest is actually the best because our service is not just affordable but also of high quality standard at the peak.


Driving to go shopping can be stressful on Christmas because it is very hard to find the best routes to avoid traffic and worst of all is when you run out of fuel and you have to stop by the filling station to refill your tank.

Why not avoid all these delay by booking for our services?
With our limousine services you do not need to worry about driving to go shopping or finding the right parking spot for you to park your car,
all need to do is to sit back and relax in our very comfortable limousine and our driver will do the rest by making sure your ride to the shopping mall is prepared and they will also take you through the best routes in the city in order to avoid traffic.
We do our best work with your schedule so that you can carry out your Christmas shopping.

Our limousines are always ready to carry you to shopping malls like Roosevelt field, Tanger Outlets, Walt Whitman mall, Green Acres and Sunrise Mall and other shopping malls of your choice.
You will get one hour free if you book our service before Friday and also if you refer any of your friends to make us of our services for their Christmas shopping we are going to give you a discount of $100 from what you are going to pay.

We are located at 10 Alexander Ave, Freeport, New York 11520 you can contact for your booking now with 516.784.8624