The Christmas holiday is fast approaching! Christmas is a season that is full of joy and love especially when you spend it with the people you love on a light tour.
Are you planning on having a spectacular Christmas holiday and you do not know how to go about it or do you live in New York, and you do not know how to go about spending your Christmas holiday?
Allow us to help you spice your Christmas holiday by taking you on a Christmas holiday light tour around New York so that you can see amazing Christmas light decorations. We are offering Christmas light tours around New York City.


One of the amazing things about Christmas in New York City is the wonderful decorations you will find everywhere.
These decorations add glamour to the streets especially the Christmas lights.
A Christmas decoration is never, complete without a Christmas light that is why wherever you are walking past the street you will always find a Christmas light ether hanging on a Christmas tree or dangling at the rooftop of shops and houses.
In New York, most people hire professionals to decorate their shops and homes with Christmas lights that cost up to $20,000, and these Christmas light decorations are good for sightseeing.
You might be wondering why you need a tour guide that will take you on tour to see the Christmas lights in New York city so here is why.


Kill the boredom

As we take you on tour to see Christmas lights in New York: Most people spend their Christmas holiday at home doing nothing and doing nothing can be very boring.
The Christmas holiday is meant for you and your loved ones to go out and enjoy yourselves that is why we are offering this Christmas light tour.
New York is an interesting for you to spend your Christmas holiday.
As you take a tour with us, we are going to help save your Christmas by showing you interesting places that will fill your eyes.


We do not just give tours we also entertain you with Christmas songs, Christmas videos and on board games that will lift your spirit.
Our tour guides are fantastic, and they will tell you funny jokes about people and places as you tour with us.
Also, our tour guide will make sure they take you to places in New York where live entertainment events will be happening.
Have a fun packed Christmas light tour filled with entertainment that will live you with memories you will never forget.


One thing about our tour guide is that we will take you on an adventure to explore places you have never seen of in New York.
New York is a very big city and during the Christmas holiday everywhere will be beautifully decorated.
There are places that when you see how beautiful the decorations are you will never want to leave.
Our tour guide will take you on an adventure to see places like

  • Central Park’s Holiday Markets
  • the multicolored snowflakes of Columbus Circle
  • the tree at Lincoln Center
  • the World’s Largest Snowflake
  • Park Avenue’s “Boulevard of Lights”
  • The Waldorf Astoria
  • Madison Avenue’s displays
  • the world’s largest Menorah
  • The Plaza Hotel
  • 5th Avenue displays
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Times Square.

Plus, you will get to see the amazing window displays of Bloomingdales, Barney’s, Saks 5th Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and so much more.

Now is the chance for you to explore these amazing places in New York where the glare of the Christmas light decorations will keep you wondering.

You will experience most

Most of the places as you will be allowed to go off the bus:

A lot of tour guide companies make the mistake of keeping you on a bus to see these places, and this is bad because you would not get the opportunity to enjoy your tour by experiencing these places you see really.

As we take you on a tour guide, you will get to experience most of the places we visit as we will stop over them so you can walk around and feel the enticing displays we show you.

We would also give you enough time to take pictures of these places.
So grab your camera and selfie stick because you would not want to miss the chance to take pictures as we stop over at beautifully decorated places for sightseeing.

Our tour guide is educating

As we take you on a light tour in New York and show you around, our tour guides will tell you some historical stories, about the Christmas traditions practiced in New York and also how some of the beautiful light decorations started.
Our tour guides are experts who know a lot about many places in the city.
Thus, at the end of the tour guide, you have more knowledge about New York.

That is not all we have to offer; these are just the basic things you need to know about having a Christmas light tour with us.
You do not need to worry about the bus that will take you on tour because our buses are clean, accommodating, very comfortable, luxurious, good for the weather and also have an on-board toilet just in case nature calls.

Our drivers are experienced, and they will make sure you arrive at every destination safely.
If you feel you need privacy on your tour, we also offer private light tour guide for you and your family.

Plus, if you book for the tour before Friday, you will get one hour free, and if you refer a friend to patronize us, we are going to give you a discount of $100.

We can be contacted at NO 10 Alexander Ave, Freeport, New York 11520, 516.784.8624.

Try out our Christmas light tour, and you would not regret how you spent your Christmas holiday at all.