Over the years, different wineries in the country and beyond are creating events for people to see their equipment and have a taste of their products. Though this act of tasting might be something exciting for anyone, you need not go on a trip to Europe to have a taste of a “world class” wine and to see the facilities used in the making, Wine sellers throughout America are as well making wines which can stand side by side with anyone made anywhere around the world.
If you can do anything to get yourself a good wine daily, and you know the value of a good wine, then you should try visiting Long Island winery. Without gainsaying, any period spent in Long Island winery is similar to visiting an exotic boutique, a tourist center. You can equally have a good time during your visit as there are friendly tour guides who will show you the magnificence of the place and other wineries.
Long Island wine tour workers always go to the extra mile in ensuring you derive the optimum satisfaction throughout your stay on the island. No tour can beat the excitement and enjoyment waiting for you at the Long Island. You will be given the rare opportunity to have a taste of different brands and genres of wines ranging from red to white, then have a behind the scene chat with operatives, interrogate them, have a blissful lunch, take some selfies, have a fulfilled and worthwhile sightseeing. However, if you won’t have enough fun easily and you think you need more than a day to fully get a hold of all the excitement, you can lodge in any of the best rooms and inns for as long as you would like to stay.
Lieb Cellars
Among the best wineries of the area is Lieb- which gives you as a visitor a free choice to make between the two tasting rooms: ”Urban Chic” which is in Mattituck and is devoted to the more affordable Bridge Lane line of Lieb and “Rustic Chic” stop at the facility of Lieb In Cutchogue. The two of these tasting rooms hosts a lot of activities including a regular melodious delivery of live music, individual wine tasting, strictly based on appointment. But do not forget to check on Lieb’s reserve bottling that comprises the Pinot Blanc and Meritage red.
One Woman Wines and Vineyards
Of course, Claudia Purita is the “One Woman.” She had been of help to her father while she was not yet of age, and so she has the idea of winery and has imported the idea from Italy to make her own wine. She now owns a 16- acre vineyard and farmland in New York, Long Island. Luckily for you, her sweet wine is also available for tasting out of her 13 wines available for both tasting and subsequently, buying.
Surprisingly, this boutique run by a family in Cutchogue has been into wine production way back from 2007, but it sets its standard by producing one of the world’s best grape flavored wine- Pinot Noir. The two most prominent Pinot producers on Long Island are Bob Cabral and Gilles Martin. The two also produce the popular Bordeaux-style reds also. They, however, made their tasting room in what used to be a horse stable.

Shinn Estate Vineyards and Farmhouse
Unlike any other wine producer, these people became the first farming distilling license holder in the whole of Long Island and have even made it possible to take a taste of spirits and wines made through biodynamic means. Also, they cater to anyone who would like to have a long time of enjoyment with them as you can lodge in their inn and keep enjoying what you have witnessed. Their small-batch grappa, red cherry and spice essences, and wonderful cabernet franc a grape which has made Long Island a renowned one.
Bedell Cellars
This is also a family owned wine producing company wine growing region of Long Island. Drawing their inspiration from a sustainable farming, their wines have been hand-made through methods that are typical of the style of the region and the stylish blending grape that is popular in our special sea wave. Amazingly, these wines have been to places, have gotten a lot of reviews, and have been acceptably served at the inauguration of the 2013 US residency.
Throughout their run more than 30 years, this family-owned winery is renowned for its relevance in the environment, practicing sustainable, ecological grape farming for wine, and its standard of quality as it serves the society without a negative feedback!
McCall Wines
Over the years, a lot of wine-lovers have become regular visitors at McCall Wines just to have a taste of a wine made with one of the world’s best grapes- the Pinot Noir. This bespoke winery has been inspired by the influence of the French to produce varieties of Pinot Noir and Merlot right from the mid-1990s. McCall Wines also has a tasting room which was once a horse stable and a farm ground powered by wind in New York.
Osprey’s Dominion
This has proven to be a very good choice for those that enjoy taking wine before engaging in lawn sports and games like volleyball, corn hole, and bocce and canjam abounding. To make your day better, they have a setting that portrays the “American Pride” with quite as many American flags as you could imagine, live music performance, a joint where you can grill and enjoy your own meat, picnic joints, and an American backdrop with their flag design on it. While having fun, do not forget to try out their special and spice flavored carminere, with a tasting range of $8 for 3 wines to a $15 5-tasting reserve flight.
The community is held in a high esteem at Paumanok- native word for “Long Island”. To ensure this, the owner and operator of Paumanok, a member of the Massoud family joins the tasters of wine and they all enjoy the intimate vibe of the vineyard not segregating based on the number of awards already won by Paumanok. Nothing could compare to meeting people while enjoying a regional cheese or charcuterie with one of Paumanok’s 9000 cases of annual wine.
If you want to give yourself a fulfilled and refreshing break from the tedious daily work, probably for a day, a weekend, or even a whole week, a place to be is at the winery, where you can have a feel of sweetness right from its source to the whole country throughout your stay!