New year’s s eve is the year where you have to make your new year resolution. LI Pary Rides offers NEW YEARS LIMOUSINE SERVICE at affordable prices. It is also an opportunity for you to celebrate with your family, friends and loved ones.

In New York, New year’s eve is a very big evening with the big events like the ball drop at

  • ball drop at Times Square
  • .

  • New York Harbour Fireworks
  • Grand Army Plaza fireworks
  • Central park fireworks
  • New Year’s Eve concert for peace at Saint John the Divine
  • silent reflection at Jivamukti Yoga center
  • Phish at Madison Square Garden
  • sleep no more, the poetry projects Marathon Reading

hotel parties and a host of other events too numerous to mention. Book one of our luxury limo for your NEW YEARS LIMOUSINE SERVICE this end of year celebration.


If you are planning on attending one of these big events hosted in New York, you want to travel for the new year’s eve or even attend a club, why not hire a limousine service that will take you on a smooth ride and make sure that you arrive on time looking classy and elegant?

Hiring a limousine service for the new year’s eve might seem too excessive, but actually, it is not a big deal at all.

You need to think about the benefits of hiring a limousine service for your new year’s eve event if you want your new year’s eve to go just as planned so that you will never want to forget how you spent your new year’s eve.


We are one of the best New year’s eve limousine service in New York.

Family-based limousine provider since 1999 is distinguished from others because we carry out our job diligently and doing our very best to make sure that we put you first by making sure you arrive at your destination safer, smarter and sophisticated.

We use the most popular limousines that are manufactured by the best industries.

Each of our staff understands you and know for a fact that celebrating the new year’s eve is very important for you, your family, your friends, and loved ones.

NYC New Years Eve Party Bus

If you are wondering why you should require our services for your new year’s eve celebration?

Here are five reasons why you should pick our services for your new year’s eve celebration.

Safety: Since it is new years eve a lot of people will be drinking while celebrating and it is not safe for one to be driving in a tipsy state of mind.
Most people get drunk and end up getting into a car accident on their way home or missing their way home after the new year’s eve party.


This is a really bad way to start up your year, but well you do not have to worry about that anymore because our drivers are professionally trained to drive you home safely.

Even if you get drunk while celebrating you do not have to worry about driving in a drunk state of mind.

Also, as part of the requirements for safety, we make sure we carry out a background check on our vehicles to know if the vehicle is deemed fit for driving. So your safety is assured in our hands.

Our Fleet:

AT LI Party Rides, our fleet of vehicles available for you to choose from so you do not need to worry about choosing a vehicle that will accommodate you and your friends.

Our Fleet of vehicles comprises of stretch limousines, jet doors, and other fascinating rides.

Our LImousine is properly equipped with everything you need so that you and your friends can celebrate.

There is no better feeling than having out customer enjoy the transportation we provide.

Comfort and style: We have a great customer service that will make sure that all your needs are properly attended to.

We make sure that you get the comfortable ride that you desire.

Also, make sure you do not have to regret how your new year’s eve celebration went by giving you a fabulous arrival at your event in a grand style that you will never forget.

Affordable price Hiring our limousine for your special new year’s eve event is very affordable considering the price you have to pay and also the high-quality service we are offering.


This is a really hard deal you can find especially in New York.

We are always punctual, and we come prepared

Party Rides NY put you as our number one priority, and we do this by arriving early to pick you up so that you would not have to face the problem of traffic and arrive at your new year’s eve event late.

We also prepare our vehicles with everything that is necessary for the ride so that you will not have to stop at the filling station to get gas or have a flat tire on your way.

LI Party Rides try our best to work with your schedule by making sure you arrive on time and without delay.


A good way to end the year and start a new year is to make a new year resolution and celebrate all your achievement for the past year.

When you book our service all you have to do is to sit back, relax and let our professional drivers do the rest.

We know the best routes to take you to where ever you want to go so you do not have to worry about traffic and where to park.

Our services cannot be compared to any other company because we are the best.


We offer our limousine services for your new year’s eve celebration throughout New York City.

Also if you refer a friend of yours or any person to make use of our service.

LI Party is going to give you a discount of $100 from what you are supposed to pay and you will get 1hour free if you book before Friday.

Our office is located at 10 Alexander Ave, Freeport, New York 11520 you can contact for your booking now with 516.784.8624.

Try out our services today, and you would not regret it because you are our number one priority.