Thanksgiving Limousine Rental

Thanksgiving Limousine Rental

There are millions of people that celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a traditional dinner with their loved ones.
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It’s often common for other family members and even close friends to drive the house of the host and enjoy that day together.
This means that everyone needs to be able to arrive at the place at a certain hour and everyone is going to be driving back to their homes afterward.

Thanksgiving Limousine Rental & Party Bus Service

The biggest issue with this way of doing things is that many individuals are going to have to worry about how much they drink and how late they have to drive back home, not to mention that some people might not be able to make it because they don’t want to be driving that day.

At Li Party Rides, we have exactly what you need for optimal results on your next Thanksgiving party!

Thanksgiving Limousine 2018

We have a limousine service that is ideal for Thanksgiving!

Our limousine service can turn a great Thanksgiving celebration into a truly amazing experience for everyone involved.
You could rent our limo and it would pick everyone up from their homes to start a nice little party before the Thanksgiving dinner.
Then the host can also join in and you can visit a few landmarks before you arrive at the host home for dinner.

Thanksgiving Party Bus Rental 2018

The limousines are fully equipped and extremely comfortable, so everyone is going to be able to enjoy a nice conversation at the limo without any interruptions.

Our Chauffeurs are extremely responsible and professional drivers that know their way around the City and are completely respectful of the NYC traffic laws.
You can rest assured that our employees are all screened and chosen after rigorous requirements are met.
This is very important for us because we know that every limousine or bus driver that we hire is going to be representing us at each of these tours.

Thanksgiving LImo Transport

Why should you rent a limousine for Thanksgiving Day?

Think about Thanksgiving and about the activities that you do during that night.
There will be a lot of eating and there will be a lot of drinking.

This means that people are going to be stuffed with food and the last thing they want to be doing is driving back home, but most importantly, they want to drink without having to worry about how much alcohol they can consume.

Safety is our # 1 Priority

This is a very important thing to consider because people are going to enjoy themselves much more if they can drink without worrying about driving afterward.

When you eat too much food and you drink too much wine and other alcoholic beverages, you don’t want to drive and the limousine service makes this problem go away.

There is no need for anyone at the Thanksgiving party to have to become a designated driver or to have to sacrifice their personal fun because they have to watch their drinking.

Long Island Limousine

There is also the fact that everyone will be picked up from their homes and then safely driven back after the night is done.

This is going to give the hosts peace of mind that everyone is going to be safe.
It’s also a great opportunity for the whole group to enjoy more time together.
A fun and safe Thanksgiving is a great way to celebrate that important and meaningful day.

What to do before dinner in NYC?

There are many activities that you can engage to work up an appetite.

You could go to Central Park and have a nice walk as a group when it’s still early in the day if you want the activities to start early.

You could also visit one of the many locations that are having any kind of Thanksgiving events and activities for people to enjoy.

There is also the option of just driving around the NYC area with your entire group while you all have great conversations and bond as a group.

Thanksgiving NY Limo Service

We will drive to any location for sightseeing with your friends and family.

This is a great option if you have invited anyone who is not from NY and you want them to have the chance to experience a great tour of the area.

Once you are done with the activities, you can get back on the limousine and we will drive you to the house where the Thanksgiving dinner is going to be held.

Remember that one of the great things about these rides is that you will get a chance to bond and enjoy time together before you reach the Thanksgiving dinner location.

Thanksgiving Limousine Rental

Also, remember that this can be a customized experience that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

We will drive you to any location for Thanksgiving and if you prefer having your dinner in a restaurant or a specific event, we will take you there too.

We know our way around the city and we can drive your group to any location that is safe for your and for our chauffeur.

Special discounts

Get a $100 discount for booking before Friday and if you refer a friend, you are going to get a great $200 discount.

This could be a perfect way for you to save some cash during Thanksgiving Day as we all know that the dinner for that day is often quite expensive.

It’s very important to make proper use of the popular Tiffany Party Bus that holds thirty-four people if you plan on having a large Thanksgiving Party.

The Mercedes Benz S550 model and the Stretch Hummer for as many as twenty passengers are also available in case your group is large but too large. Hiring our services will create soma amazing

Thanksgiving memories for everyone and that is the most important thing to consider.

Thankgiving Limousine Service

You can easily make your Thanksgiving night an amazing and unforgettable experience for all of your guests.

We are a professional and responsible limousine and party bus provider and we ensure complete satisfaction.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our service. We are here to help and we are going to make sure that you love the experience.