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NYC Rooftops Bar Hopping
With the cold, windy and wet weather of the NYC having its tool on many of our outdoor plans and hangouts, it’s always good to stay positive and look towards the brighter side of things, and who knows pleasant warm sunny conditions might be just around the corner? But with so many options and not much time one can get confused and flustered while cooking up outings. The biggest worry of course is not exactly knowing where to go I mean what are some of the absolutely must see sights in New York? This can be a head scratching question but don’t worry we’ve got you covered! As we explore one of the key ways to spend the wildest night…by bar hopping!
Now don’t get me wrong NYC has many bars and pubs but you can’t truly taste the New York flavour without going on a wild bar hopping extravaganza on the wide range of Rooftop bars there. I mean if you do miss out on them and you’re surely missing out on half of the fun. Now just to get you in shape and ready when the weather does get cleared up here are a few rooftop bar options you should definitely try out to make your experience more memorable:
230 rooftop
Located on the fifth avenue 230 rooftop is one classiest bar with a view to behold. The place oozes style and high quality service makes the experience even better. Hosting a wide range of delicious food at a price reasonable to the experience, it’s no wonder the place has set such a high standard for itself and has become one of the places to see, and the places to be.
The meals they serve are known to be cooked to perfection, with the chef having expert control regarding the temperature of the meat and they also happen to have vegetarian options too!
One of the other main attraction besides the all this is the igloo bars available between November and May with their own hot drinks menu. They’re one of a kind sitting areas with a spectacular view of the city ensured and a great place to make new friends and socialize.
All this added to the fact they have an indoor a well as an outdoor bar, further cements the point that it should be on your to go list whenever you’re in town and are looking to spend a great time with your peers and mates.
Along with an aspiring menu of entrees, appetizers and desserts the place hosts an impressive variety of the finest cocktails, beers and wines all adding to a wonderful night. One definitely couldn’t ask for more.

One of Brooklyn’s most glamorous spots, one simply cannot go without going on a bar hopping adventure here. Known to be a world class dedicated bar that also serves a decent range of finely cooked and served food, it is surely not something you should miss out on if you’re in the City of Lady Liberty.
Located on 111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY Westlight has quickly gained the reputation of being one of most exquisite rooftop bars in New York with exceptional views from all over.
From the view to the food to the quality of service to the cocktails and drinks, there’s a lot one can miss if they don’t chose the place for a place to dine and wine and even more if they don’t chose it as one of the places of hit for a bar hopping festival
Along with all this the place also as its very own event “the turf club” which begins on may the 25th and is a summer long fine dining opportunity with a view to match.

1 Rooftop Bar
One of the prime extensions of the “one hotels” business, the 1 Rooftop Bar is located on the 60 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY. It’s an open air bar with stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan to great its guests.
Known for the beautiful sunset views one can witness while being there it is easy to see why people can get so readily invested in the atmosphere there. Therefore the place DOES have an entry fees for all non-staying guest for the 1 Rooftop Bar. But nonetheless it’s still one of the best places to be and to top it all off with good bites and appetizers fine wines and cocktail and (of course) the glorious sunset it’s still a solid recommended place to hit for a drinking experience one won’t forget

St. Cloud
The last suggestion on our list but certainly not the least is the St. Cloud bar located on the 6 Times Square New York. It’s certainly a prime competitor to all the other rooftop bars in town and with the magnificent view it provides, one won’t be shocked to see people running head over heels to secure a seat at the place.
Gathering great reviews from almost everyone that pays it a visit, the St. Cloud bar is collecting a lot attention from one and all interested in the drinking game
One of the most appreciated features is the reasonable prices when compared with other rooftop bars. Having no compromise on the quality of the service presented or the taste and flavour of the food and drinks the St. Cloud gives a little relaxation to the wallet. This puts it high on the list of places to go for a bar hooping wonder-night.

In the end it’s good to remember that bar hopping can be a little expensive but the memories created are absolutely priceless. Meeting new people, strengthening bonds with your already good friends and mate and of course enjoying a great time and having endless fun is the main extract of a bar hopping experience in New York. Hopefully the weather will clear out quickly so one and all can enjoy the great life the city has to offer and hopefully we’ve added bar hopping to your list of plans for the future!

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