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LI Party Rides invites you to your Prom Headquarters!  Here you will get all the information you need on SUV Limousines, Party Buses, Stretch Limousines and more.  We have scoured the web to bring you the information you need to have the Safest and most Memorable Prom ever.  After Prom activities and ideas, places and events as well as tips for a great Prom day and evening.  We will Meet or Beat any comparable SUV Limousine, Party Bus or Stretch Limousine.  Call Now.


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Prom Limo.  We have every type of vehicle for any number of people to make your Prom a memorable one.

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Drinking and Driving

As parents ourselves, nothing is more important than insuring the well being of your child.  At LI Party Rides, we take that very seriously.  Part of our efforts in that regard is to provide reasonably priced Limousines and Party Buses for Prom, Sweet 16 and other events.  Renting a Limousine or Party Bus is an investment in the Safety of your children and others on the road.  This Prom Season - Be Safe and leave the driving to us.

Professional Limousine Drivers

We take extraordinary pride in our Professional Drivers.  But just what makes a limousine or party bus driver a professional?  Training, recruiting, training and retention.  At Long Island Party Rides we recruit the most personable people who possess a passion for customer service.  The only things that really differentiate one limousine company from another is the people and the vehicles.  We focus on that, People and Vehicles.  Our people are the most trained in the business.  Safety is their first priority.  Our Professional Drivers are trained to drive defensively and provide extraordinary customer service.  We will insure your night out, wedding, prom or other event will be one you will enjoy safely and with professionalism beyond reproach. 

Exceptional Limousines and Party Buses

Our Limousines and Party Bus Vehicles are the Newest and most Customized in the NYC Metro & Long Island Area.  Our SUV Limousine Fleet cannot be beat.  Jet Doors, 10,000 watt stereo, Flat Screen TV's, Fog Machines, LED Accented Lighting, Laser Light Shows, and in some of our vehicles, a VIP Lounge.  We order our Limousines and then have them customized to our specifications.  We outfit our vehicles with every option possible including disco ceilings and floors.  A Limousine or Party Bus ride with us will be the most unique Limousine or Party Bus experience you will ever have.  But it is not just our vehicles, our service is second to none.  A fully stocked bar and red carpet service is also available.  Call Us Now to Book Your Experience. 

Prom Limousines.

Following a few basic yet inevitable safety guidelines can help prevent the potential prom dangers while letting kids enjoy their prom time. Listed below are some key tips and guidelines for both kids and parents to ensure extra safety around prom and keep it fun at the same time.

Everyone knows how fun and pleasurable prom parties are. The most awaited and exciting high school event for teens. Isn’t it? But many of you might not be aware of the fact that prom season has become one of the most hazardous times of the year for teens.

With growing cases of date abuse and violence, drunk driving accidents and drug use at prom parties, it has become more crucial than ever to establish proper safety policies and rules for NY After prom ideas.

Safety Guidelines for Prom

Don’t accept alcohol, drugs or other unacceptable substances from anyone. Report if you suspect any individual of carrying prohibited items.

Be watchful of people around you. Know and communicate your sexual boundaries to your date. Report immediately in case you experience any verbal, physical or sexual emotional abuse.

Know your current and potential locations at all times. Should there be any changes in your plans, let your parents know in time.

Trust and follow your instincts. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation or feel threatened or endangered, leave immediately. Call your parents for help.

No matter how short the journey, always wear a seat belt. Don’t drive if you’re drunk or get into a vehicle whose driver has been drinking.

Make sure you phone is fully charged before you leave for the prom.

Don’t say yes if you feel pressured to drink, smoke, use drugs or involve in an appropriate activity.