Who Rides in the Wedding Limo – Wedding Limousine Etiquette

Your wedding day is among the most special days of your life. Making sure everything is exactly how you want it takes top priority. Most brides and grooms spend time on countless hours of wedding planning. Details about the ceremony and reception often take the most priority, and you’ll also need to consider your wedding transportation.

Who rides in the wedding limo?

As wedding limo experts, we focus on you and your wedding party. We make sure that everything related to getting you and your guests to and from your event locations happens perfectly. And with that experience comes a wealth of knowledge about weddings.

One question we are often asked is “who rides in the wedding limo?” Good question. Here’s what you need to know.

Who rides in the wedding limo?

Regarding wedding transportation to the wedding, here is how things usually work. The bride’s family arranges a wedding limo for the bridal party. So, they take care of transportation for the attendants to the wedding and reception. The best man organizes transportation for the groomsmen.

The best man is also responsible for getting the groom to the wedding. He could drive the groom in one of their personal vehicles, a town car, or they could rent their own limo.

Traditionally, the bride travels to the wedding with the person who is giving her away. In many cases, this is the bride’s father, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. These people almost always travel in their own wedding limousine. Additionally, it is commonly accepted that the significant other of the person giving the bride away rides in the limo as well.

There are no formal rules for other family members. Family and friends could transport themselves or hire a limo or wedding party bus for the big day.

After the wedding ceremony, the newly wedded couple rides together to the reception venue. The groomsmen are traditionally responsible for getting the bridesmaids to the reception site. They can certainly use a wedding limo for that transportation.

Once the reception is over, it is a tradition that a getaway car picks up the bride and groom. This car could be a limo or town car. It transports them to their home, honeymoon suite, hotel, resort, or airport. This clearly will depend on the plans and schedule following the reception.

There is a lot of tradition that influences wedding transportation. But we also understand that many people enjoy the flexibility of building their own way of doing things. This is why we pride ourselves on being flexible and professional. This is your special day, we want it to be perfect for you. When you speak to one of our wedding limo professionals, we’ll make sure we cover every detail of how you would like your wedding transportation to be.