Your 2020 Guide to Renting a Wedding Limo

wedding limo

There are over 125,000 limo rental services in the United States.

Most cities have at least one, and with so many choices, it can be challenging to know what to expect. Limos are rented for a lot of special occasions. If youâ’re renting a wedding limo, here are some of the things you should know.

Wedding Limousines

When it comes to wedding transportation ideas, most people think of limo rental. Choosing the right wedding limo rental service is key to having the proper wedding day transport. Most wedding limos run between $500 and $1,100 depending on size and how long you rent them.

Why Choose a Limousine for Your Wedding Transport?

Using a wedding limo rental can help you in several critical areas.

If you choose a large model, you can avoid the dangers of drinking and driving by moving large numbers of guests at once. This is an excellent option if you plan on having a small number of hard partiers with you.

Don’t think that wedding transportation is only for the bride and groom. Most weddings feature four to ten people at the wedding party, and a lot of limos can accommodate groups that size. A limo removes the need for your party to find parking and struggle in city traffic.

If you need extra space, consider a stretch limo for your wedding limo service.

The Look of a Limo

Nothing says elegance like a limousine. Limousines have long been used by the wealthy and elite to set them apart. Those going to proms, weddings, and other special events have long enjoyed the look of the limousine.

Your wedding limo rental can even be an antique limousine. This type of limo ups the level of class and style that you will be traveling in. The key to remember is that if you’re going for a wedding limo, the more luxurious and unique the limo, the more it’ll cost.

Keeping the Party Going

Once you have finished your wedding, that doesn’t mean your need for transportation is over. Make sure your wedding limousine rental extends beyond just the service. This way, you have wedding transportation for the entire night.

Keep the party together, dodge any problems with drunk driving, and look fabulous while doing it. You can achieve this dream by using the correct wedding limo company. Long Island Party Rides is a company that can provide you with more than just a limo. If your wedding party is big enough, you can rent a party bus.

The Price of a Special Day

Using Long Island Party Rides means that you want to look good on your special day.

If you’re planning the wedding limo, make sure you pick out the right one. Does your party want an SUV, an antique model, or a stretch limousine? Will you need a party bus after the ceremony?

Choosing the right wedding limo and after-party transportation can make or break the wedding spirit. Don’t risk legal trouble with drunk guests and don’t let the bride and groom have their special day spoiled. Contact us today if you’re in the New York City area and let us help you out.

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