Upgrade for Putin’s cortege?

Puttin’s VIP car from Russia’s mystery “Cortege” project has been capture on camera in a rare first view outside Moscow. The video caught the camouflage-draped vehicle, from a series designed for the Russian President and top officials, was spotted during a test drive just outside of Moscow.

Th drivers side door was was draped in black-and-white camouflage covering, was driving at a moderate speed while performing sharp turns around a driving track in the Moscow region, at the scientific and motor research center NAMI which is in charge of the project.

Test Driving the Cortege

The test drive involved checking the car’s engine, transmission and electronics. The car is a hybrid combining a gas engine and an electric engine. The design of the cars being developed by the “Cortege” project had been kept secret, but information leaks gave some clues as to their appearances.